Monday, December 12, 2011

Hairy Situation: I want candy

My daddy forbid many years ago from dyeing any part of my hair blue, he associates that hair colour with a druggie that used to be at the same place of work as he was. Nice going whoever you are, you just messed up an opportunity for me to dye my hair a wild colour and just a little more hipster. The alternatives I've been looking at are either pink or purple. I'm leaning more towards pink from either the brand Manic Panic or something from La Riche Directions.

There's a great variety of colours from La Riche Directions and I really like their presentation- they show the colour of their dyes on little hair samples so you actually have an idea of what it would look like, although the best results must be achieved by use of peroxide. Peroxide is something I would try to avoid if I did end up dip-dyeing my hair since I do want to keep the length the way it is and it can cause a fair bit of damage. Then again, for someone who has naturally dark brown hair, there's not a lot of options available to make colour vibrant in my hair. I'm thinking of getting 'Tulip' from La Riche Directions and then gently dyeing it to a shade of pink. Maybe I would be able to get away with saying that the colour faded and I don't have enough to redo it?

Then again, I am very tempted to chose my favourite colour which would be a light purple/pink colour in contrast to my dark brown hair colour. I read a long time ago that the best colour to bring out brown eyes was purple eyeshadow, and for someone with dark brown hair as well as eyes I sort of took that on as my credo and firmly made purple my favourite colour. I love the vibrant colour used in the photograph above, it catches the light so well and the ends seem to be a deeper shade of purple. I think this look was achieved by dip dyeing most of the hair pink and then dipping those pink ends purple to give a melting hippy dye effect. I may just try it myself, depending on how I feel about my appearance during this Summer.

One of the great things about having light, cotton candy hues in your hair is that it balances off any heavy eyeliner or black clothing and you still seem to be wearing colour and look sweet and quirky instead or anti-social and scary. While I was on schoolies I bought two plastic rosary necklaces in sickly pink and purple, while dyeing my hair to match an accessory doesn't necessarily seem justified it'd be nice to have a black button blouse with peter pan collar as well as those necklaces with newly dyed ends. Then again, maybe I'm just living some sort of pipe-dream to make myself appear more interesting than I really am.

It would take some real balls to pull this one off- it looks like this humble worker at Violent Green has dyed her hair white first and then dyed it purple over the top. She has the right skin tone and delicate features to pull something like this off- If I were to try something like of this kind I can easily see things going wrong. My eyebrows are dark brown, almost black. There's no use in dyeing my hair that colour when it won't match my face. My hat's off to this brave girl though, she looks great and not too tough while wearing a dark colour collared dress.

Nothing suits a full head of dyed hair better than luxurious curls and texture to really let different shades of the colour come through. I love the pairing of curly pink hair with that lacey and beaded evening jacket- it reminds me of the Grease Movie in which Frenchy becomes a beauty school drop-out but wears curly and pink hair to their dance. That was probably my favourite moment of the movie- that and when Rizzo finds out she's not pregnant and she patches things up with her boyfriend. But the best moment of style was when Frenchy was chewing bubble gum and had pink hair. This photograph reminds me of that movie moment, but there's elegance as well with the jacket and structure of the skirt.

There is such thing as too much of a good thing- and too much hair dye can certainly cause some damage to your hair! It's photos like this that caution me against using the bottle, since it has taken me a few years to get my hair the length I've wanted and I don't want to jeopardise that now. I've grown attached to my long hair, it almost is to my waist without tying it up from the back and nicely covers my breasts at the front. I'll only consider cutting it when I find it unbearable to deal with and then might be the time to dye it as well since I can cut off the coloured ends if my parents kick up a fuss.

By use of logic, photographing dyed hair win a natural outdoors setting with flowers shouldn't look as irresistible and dreamy as this- but it does. I love the use of colour with the green of the leaves and grass as well as the pure white petals of the daisies. If I had my doubts about having such wild hair, aside from cutting it I could always put it up in a bun and plaits and braids always look fantastic when there's a spectrum of different colours weaved in and out amongst a natural colour, say brown.

The collared blouse with sheer insert panels as well as the soft pink hair seems so sweet and matched with a shade of candy coloured lipstick. All this is subversively matched with the sparkle in the models eye, the regrowth of dark hair as well as the crackled ends hiding behind her shoulders. I'm not sure what the reason is for the dark patches of eyeshadow near the nose bridge, or indeed if there ever is a reason but it adds to the dark and moody nature of the photograph; a binary opposition to the pink and sweet candy tones of the make up and hair.

The Lady Gaga hair bow with a twist- this time instead of peroxide blond there's two shades of purple. It's apparent from the sheen and also the one-dimensional shades of colour of the two pieces that they're low grade wigs but I still like the wild new take on Lady Gaga's trend. It was a mind-blowing thing at the time when it was first introduced but now it's just been taken a step further. And I like it.

Some of the most beautiful creatures dye their hair wild colours and still manage to look like angels. It's my favourite shade of purple, teamed up with soft curls as well as shocking red lipstick smeared on a full set of pouting lips. I would have thought that wearing red lipstick when you have light purple hair would be considered overkill but I've been proven wrong. I'll happily sit here with being proven wrong when the proof looks as good and as stunning as this.

Pink hair looks gorgeous when worn with a vintage floral blouse, she's chosen a lovely shade of lipstick too to complement her hair colour. I'm amazed at some people natural beauty which seems only to be enhanced by the dyeing of their hair. The unnatural and shocking shades of pastel colours doesn't seem all that dramatic as long as you have neatly trimmed eyebrows to go with them.

I love everything about this photograph- where to begin? First of all my sock were knocked off when I saw the shoes, flatforms ie. platforms ballet flats in pink satin with matching straps to really imitate that ballet style. I love them, I want a pair they're such an amazing pair of footwear. It's a shame I can't work out where they came from, second is the tulle of the dress which further emphasise the feminine nature of the photo shoot and the figure of a women. All this combines well with the tan skin tone of the model and a luscious head of light purple hair artificially dyed. This is probably why purple, especially light purple is my favourite colour at the moment. Pastel purple and pink look amazing teamed up together and just look at the rich texture and tones through her hair above her ear. I just wish I could look as amazing as she does.

Not just for guys either, I like the texture of the hair as well as the height. It's images like this that almost want to make me lop off my own locks and give it a try. Even when wearing all black clothes having flamboyant pink hair would sort of act as a social ice breaker and having a medium - palish skin tone would also assist in the dyed hair look of this shade. I'm not interested in wigs, the colour doesn't have the same effect and sheen as dyed hair even if it is just temporarily dyeing hair. Next door the shop I work at is a hair saloon which stocks some Kevin Murphy products. Sooner or later I;m going to stroll in their one day with the hopes they have Kevin Murphy Color Bug, a product which has pigment dust and temporarily dyes hair. It even works well on dark hair colours! If not, maybe my fascination with wildly dyed hair will face away (not likely though).


  1. who is the girl in the fifth picture? it says new decade, new rules behind her that one and also i recently dip dyed my hair a pinky purple colour and i think it looks rad so definitely do it! stay cool xx

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  2. i love pink hair ! <3

  3. iiiii loooovveeeee purple hair!!!!! ♥


  4. hey, who is the girl with the pink hair and vintage shirt??