Saturday, December 24, 2011

Green with Envy

I'm probably going to put a paper crown on my head crookedly and start telling bad jokes like someones drunken uncle at anytime now... But the green hair is slightly festive. In fact for my second last shift of work in the lead up to Christmas I wore my long green American Apparel skirt to work which I got some compliments on too. One of my fellow co-workers dip-dyed her hair with peroxide bleach as a precursor and now it's bright sea weed green! Although that's not what she had in mind really... it's still becoming and charming for the festive season. I love the use of cheap plastic beads and a blue hair tie in the close up of these dyed green locks. The use of the flower against what looks to be a yellow knitted jumper is very sweet too. If I had common mouse brown hair I would be more inclined to dye it but since my hair is a dark brown colour- the kind that other girls dye their hair to look like I think I'll stick with that I've got.

Just what every girl wants for Christmas... a bright green shower cap in the shape of a cartoon frog. I love the candid shot of the girl with tongue waggling to the side as well as the mismatched lengths of the vintage, floral overalls and her bright dip-dyed ends. I really do firmly believe that bright green dip-dyed hair looks great with a dirty blond and natural beachy hair- I'm more inclined towards pinks and purple myself but we'll see how sick of my hair I get over the Summer and the culmination of my restlessness towards my own physical appearance. 

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