Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Gold Leaf Makeup

It's extraordinary, breath-taking and I didn't even dream that this effect could be used as a runway look. It's so modern, isn't it? That mild metallic infection hinting at the developments in terms of technology made by society... although that really has little to do with the overall runway look or application of this technique.

It may not be much, but for what it's worth I still think that the use of gold foil as eyeshadow in the modelling world is wild and fantastic. Of course it looks brilliant when teamed up with blue or green eyes, just about anything would look great with lustrous eyes like that. I myself prefer my boys to be blue eyed.

If the tin man had a sexy wife, I'm sure she'd have gold foil over her eyelids and eyebrows too.

Those poor models though! It must be dizzying and disorientating even to have the slightest weight on your eyelid. I shudder at the thought of having to play dolly and sit patiently while the preparation takes place to apply those tiny sheets of foil... it's hard enough when I try to apply fake eyelashes, but then again I do it myself and without any one's help. I'm guessing that's not a usual thing to do when getting dolled up.

The use of thick eyeliner adder for dramatic effect and theatrics only makes the gold foil look even more dazzling and pure. I can't think of a better use for such a precious elemental material, that is if it is real gold used.

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