Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2011: Clothing

This is the second and final post covering the sensational Givenchy Fall/Winter 2011 collection which will cover the greater spectrum of their clothing released in the collection. There were many eclectic prints incorporated into blouses and jumpers as well as comfy sweaters, the use of leather and velvet. To view the collection is to feed the soul and a feast for the eyes to witness all the patterns, the detail, the luxurious and varied textures and materials as well as the use of purple, yellow and green to give life to a new tribal pattern. The haunting eyes of the panther and bursts of yellow of the iris and orchids were the details that cuaght your attention on the sleek and shiny blouses as well as the soft and light absorbing sweaters. Let's explore, shall we?

These are just a few of the sexy sweaters used in the collection; I haven;t seen much of the first two but I do like the use of flowers around a 1950s naked pin up girl with censored black strips across her chest. I love the look and texture of the first jumper of black velvet, the material hasn't been crushed and instead traps the harsh lights of the runway. No light bounces off it except at the sheen and crinkled lines of the sleeves. For me there is nothing more comoforting that to hide in the folds of a large jumper after completing a touch shift of work; it's the ultimate safety blanket for me.

For those who are anti-drug, facists and square and don't condone illicit substances, this exciting pansy flower pattern uses plenty of green leaves on the skirt and sleeves of the silken bomber jacket and skirt ensemvle. At first I didn't quite agree with the chains bordering the sleeves and trims of the jackets, but now it's really warmed up to me. It injects glamor to the panther motifs and also creates an interesting juxtaposition of man harnessed gold against the beauty and delicate flowers of nature.

There was no major gimmick for the make up of the models in the launch of this runway show- instead there was a greater focus on the intricate detail of the clothes and their bright colours as well as the decor used to decorate the runway. Guests and photographers alike were hidden in the iconic greenery and flowers featured on many of the blouses, jumpers and clutches using one of my favourite shades of purple for the flowers. While the collection didn't feature a lot of bright yellow (quite sparsely distributed only here and there) this mohair jumper and skirt shines brightly. I love the sleeve details of the jumper but would find it hard to pull off wearing something so bright and bombastic myself. Yellow is a very hard colour to properly wear without it end up wearing you, it must be all in inner confidence and self belief.

I love thecareful stitching as well as kooky cut out shapes of the panther army against a sheer blouse- with the sharp black collar at the top this is a blouse I am lusting after. I love the use of black bras in the runway rather than bare chests- it makes the look so much more slick and also doesn't detract attention away from the garment by erotic body parts.

I love the sparkly collars and cuff sleeves of this stunning blouse underneath a silk bomber jacker. It's hard to decide what I love more in this photograph but the shy pose of the model and long, black hair reminiscient of geishas makes me feel proud of my Asian heritage. Black panthers on a background of leafy plants as well as purple and yellow pansies is gorgeous but the sparkle of the crystals encrusting this blouse makes reminds me of the lovely Miu Miu 2010 collection. The arrangement of crystals with occasional yellow among purple is just another reason that the Givenchy Fall/ Winter so intricate and well-thought through.

A more toned down andminimalist approach to the collection featured the chain detail on a black blouse as well as boat neck jumper and dual chains around the sleeves. I love the refined texture and print of the chain combined with the simple black of the blouse and jumper. The look is finished off and made quirky with the panther furry cap as well as glasses which feature panthers on either arms of the glasses.

I've never had an opportunity to experience the soft and fluffy nature of a mohair jumper and I have to say, the floral wreath at the centre of this luxurious jumper paired with matching skirt is simply divine. I love the shade of purple used as well as the soft halo of iris flowers and fringing yellow pollen and flowers. I wish Santa had brought me something as wonderful as this for Christmas, but a girl can't have it all huh? The pencil skirt in black velvet would look lovely with the jumper combining the top and bottom half of these two runway snap shots together. This shot really shows off the arches of flowers and fake leaves brought in especially for this runway show and impressing upon us the beauty of the floral motifs in the clothes.

For something a little less fluffy and more sleek than the mohair jumper comes this silky sweater with a fierce panther at the centre of the chest. If you love the night life but prefer to live in the shadows and hunting prey with style, I highly recommend this Givenchy jumper which emulates the style and fur of the panther in silk with comfortable cuffs and crew neck for ease. Although I adore my sweaters and comfy jumpers I would opt for a bomber jacket over one of these bad boys just as a precaution against wiping my make up against the material. I haven't yet mastered removing it or avoiding getting skin coloured smears on my clothes yet, even at the tender age of eighteen.

Covered in small panthers, Texas stars in gold as well as thick glorious chains and amazing patterns at the chest of this blouse, it looks more like an intricate silk scarf than a shirt. I must say though, manufacture and sew each pattern and making it meet up at all the folds of these blouses would take so much time and effort, let alone producting the fantastic patterns on to silk. While the Givenchy collection isn't cheap being one of the most famous fashion houses in the world and producting their own perfume, their reputation for style as well as the quality of their garments certainly contributes to the price tag.

I never thought it possible for one brand, in one single collection to craft so many gorgeous sweaters all of which I adore. Ranging from velvet to silk, mohair, and everything in between all of the jumper the patterns all revolve around the same principle design of flowers, panthers as well as wreaths and naked girls. I wish it was Winter again, I'd love to wear of them and own a jumper and bomber jacket for each day of the week. 

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