Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Givenchy Fall/Winter 2011: Accessories

The collection for Givenchy Fall/ Winter 2011 is just so wide and varied, the terrible thing is I'm in love with every single piece available and I need to break up the pieces of clothing from the accessories to be able to cover everything adequately. This is what you would describe as a 'white people problem'. I didn't make this chic little collage and don't own any of the photographs featured but it was all just so lovely and it really gives a showcase of what the collection was all about, that is: panthers, iris, gems, chains, lots of black with purple and lemon yellow. It is hands down, my favourite collection of the season and I haven't fallen in love with so many pieces from one collection in my whole life.

From little ears on otherwise colours to bright bombastic colours, Givenchy seemed to have covered all bases as far as their collection is considered. These coloured satin clutches are full of class as well as colour, although the yellow clutch shows the pattern off better with border, panther motifs as well as flowers the second clutch on the bottom is more suited for the evening. I'm impartial to the buckle being the central clasp but it is part of the black stripe that secures the bottom of the clutch to the top. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for security and keeping things falling out of my bag but they could have done it in a sleeker fashion? The buckle doesn't put me off the bag at all, the matching of the silk print on the flap of each bag and the panther and iris combination is amazing.

No stone was left unturned as far as the vast range of accessories made, there were glasses, clutches, handbags, suitcases, necklaces, hats as well as what looks to be a helmet. This hand bag above featuring plethora of green-eyed panthers with a plastic finish over the top is my absolute favourite of all the accessories. I previously posted about Denni from the Chicmuse showing off her bag but I still don't really think the photographs do it justice. There must be so much more to it we can't see, the lining as well as the Givenchy signature symbol on the leather straps of the bag as well as the sharp definition of each panther. Maybe before Summer is over I should search the stores myself for such a splendorous bag.

It only clicked while scoping the Internet that the entire Fall/Winter collection of Givenchy featured panthers and that Cotton on had imitated their style on a little sleeveless t-shirt. While I have been exposed to their collection for months now, I've unwittingly been able to recognise the hidden treasure trove of fashion items right under my nose. It's not too late though, I may be able to get something in store for myself before the new 2012 range is launched and everything is left online at very high and expensive prices.

I love the glasses from the collection, they actually make me want to age quickly to a time when I will need glasses and mark my words, given my parents optical history, I will need them. The glasses go for $574 a pair and feature sculpted and art deco style panthers on each arm in exquisite detail. True to the colour pallet from the collection the glasses come in black, purple, yellow as well as the special black fur edition to really make you as fierce as a panther. Don't worry, only the front is furry and the arms are plastic so you won't itch and tickle as you wear them. I really wish I could justify buying such a glamorous pair of glasses, but since I don't even need them to see I wouldn't be able to twist any body's arm in to getting them for me. 

This thick and glorious chained necklace features dual panthers, the motif and pride of the collection in an art deco sculpted door knocker pendant. The thick black chain (oxidised silver?) looks so heavy and radiates weight as well as class. It would take a strong woman to be able to hold her head up high with this around her neck and shoulders but what a breath-taking piece of statement jewellery it is. I love the sleek lines of the head and the way the sculpted detail of the face contributes to this new perspective on the panther. The cute little ears are the right size and not too pointy but the lines look sleek enough to become an adorable hood ornament for a car.


The only piece I can find on eBay is a silk scarf from the collection- at an agreeable price range too! I'm not known to wear scarfs really but it would be nice to own a small part of the collection even if it is just a silk scarf. Still- the pattern is fantastic and includes both the panthers and floral motifs.

Online and as new, the Givenchy panther clutch costs more than one thousand dollars and is just as lovely as it's hand bag counter part. The definition of each panther comes out really well against this pink background, you can see the chain collar around the panther as well as the detail around the mouth and teeth of the beast. If it was at all possible for me to earn enough money to afford something like this, I might save a little more to try for the handbag. After all, you can get so many more panthers as well as room and security with a hand bag as opposed to a slim and slight clutch. I don't go out enough at night anyway to be able to use a clutch.

I leave you, dear reader with the yellow frames that came from the Givenchy.

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