Friday, December 23, 2011

Girl about Town

While stalking one of my favourite eBay sellers and spotting a whole glorious bunch of vintage clothing I've gotten into a bit of a sweet and girly mood. My favourite dresses I spotted were full length and in black, but when I dressed this morning to receive and exchange gifts with my boyfriend for Christmas I dressed in a 1960s inspired dress in purple and paisley- if that's at all an indication of my current mood. I'd really love to collect all my socks from school and sew on to them my own strips of lace or raid American Apparel but right now it's staying at home and enjoying the company of my family and waiting around for Christmas.

At least I've been given time to recuperate and recover from working close to fourteen hours for the last two days and bask in the air-conditioned lounge room- also it's nice to catch up on all the goings on of blogs and post some stuff up. I'm also considering what places to hit up in preparation for the Boxing Day sales- there's plenty of gorgeous vintage clothing I now have my eye on but I want to check out Alice Euphemia if I'm not working or going to the movies. There's lots of great online pieces of clothing I'm dying to buy- makes me wish I had sorted out the pieces of clothing and books I had to sell weeks ago to come up with some extra money in preparation for the biggest sale of the year on the Australian calender.

I love this photograph because I'm dying to have a girly piece of furniture like a couch or an armchair when I move out and my style sits somewhere in between the sweet schoolgirl style of the little girl and the dark grunge of the teenager. It represents how I feel sometimes with my own personal sense of style- stuck in a purgatory world in which I can't decide to wear clothes that are light-hearted and flirty or dark vintage. Some days all I want to do is wear my old socks from school with my leather Vans and a nice skirt of dress and others all I can think of is wearing my Ashish for Topshop jumper with spiked epaulets and all black. I'm sure next year I'll manage to be more distinct in my style of clothing but for now I'm all over the place admiring both the sweet vintage style as well as the witchery style of magic and gaudy pieces of jewellery and candle burning.

I was very excited when I spotted one of my favourite New Zealand labels, the Stolen Girlfriends Club bow ring in gold featured in Vogue. I've only ever seen one of these rings, the silver edition hit eBay and the bidding was rather fierce so I think I may treat myself to buying one of the rings from the Superette online store, perhaps the silver body bow ring which is gold plated. I get all the glamor and sweetness of a gold ring without the extra expensive price tag to it.

Blogger Nicole Warne adding a touch of confetti to a field on what looks to be a promising and flawless Summer's day. I love the fringed and lace sleeves of her shirt as well as the bright red lipstick and matching nail polish. It's photographs such as this that make me want to abandon the black clothes within my wardrobe and absorb the sun but Summer in Australia can be at times, unforgiving and feel terrible and sticky despite looking lovely and bright. I may stick somewhere in between the two styles and wear long black dresses in a bohemian and airy fashion leaving versatility between the two looks depending on the shoes and jewellery I wear as a reflection of my mood at the time.

I was very impressed with seeing three of my favourite brands all on the same page for an extract of Harper's Bazaar magazine featuring golden high heels with a cut-out heart motif on the side by Marc Jacobs, a golden bow necklace by New Zealander Karen Walker as well as a silk skirt sporting a water colour print by Karla Spetic. I'm not a big fan of the Lolita seen and most often I think heart shaped sunglasses look cheap but I do love the inclusion of bright gold accessories as well as a skirt I've been chasing up for months. Just out of interest there is an amazing matching blazer to go with the Karla Spetic skirt too.

I love full length dresses when they're made out of a light-weight material and this sheer dress covered in white daisies looks so great when teamed up with scuffed and dirty combat boots. This is the style I would love to embody in my own personal life- that gentle balance and combination of a hippy dress as well as tough and grunge accessories. As I've said before I have my eye on two necklaces; one is a cow skull and the other a small cameo. Both could be worn with this dress it's just a matter of your mood at the time an the way you choose to style it.

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