Saturday, December 31, 2011


I think a trip to the zoo is long overdue, I have a ridiculous amount of rolls of 35mm film sitting around on my desk as well as many different cameras all itching to go out on a date with me. One of my favourite animals to photograph when at the zoo are the giraffes, or at least that was the case when I was at the San Diego zoo, partly because one of the girls I was walking around with was ecstatic to see them and partly because they were being little show ponies and posing nicely for the camera. While I have little faith in my ability to use a plastic camera with fixed lens and zoom, it might be nice to use one of my old SLRs hanging around to try and take some film stills of zoo animals- although I don't want to be cursing myself the entire time and missing my trusty digital camera that could easily zoom past netted enclosures and see the tiniest detail on the greatest beasts with ease.

Fancy seeing this Casa Nova giraffe locking lips with a tree stripped bare, the knobs and stumps of ripped off branches to seem to be patchy and all over the length of this tall, vertical tree so maybe a giraffe with poor eye sight may mistake it for one of its own kind? Still, no matter what the reason behind this curious pose it would have been a delight to have seen returned on develop film or the screen of a digital camera.

This hand drawn beauty makes me want to break out the rub-on tattoos I have waiting in a drawer in my room, but at the moment I'm trying to reserve them for when I have a hickey or I'll actually be in contact with people on a daily basis again. If I don't have to go out, my general attitude is that I won't go out. I am going to turn into a recluse with horribly hairy legs or a Hermit devoting myself to some obscure cause sooner or later.

Giraffes have very long blue tongues and they also enjoy eating Acacia leaves and carrots. No matter how much time has passed or how boringly stupid the animal fact is, if I bother to commit it to memory it usually stays with me for a couple of years. That is until something else pushes it out of the way and fights for space in my head.

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