Monday, December 19, 2011

Flower Power

I loved the combination of raw crystals in stalagmite shapes to create flower petals gilded with gold and having a circular agate slice centre for the pollen centre of the flower. I was just so impressed with the unique nature of this piece- the seemingly natural and uncut shape framed in gold to symbolise the sweet and fragrant flowers all on a large thick gold chain. I wish I knew who crafted a beauteous piece of gem rocks into such a gorgeous and sweet motif- it's not often you see this type of amethyst crystal material and so much of it used in one piece of jewellery. I'm sick of tiny booger sized gems bound on tiny strips of silver and gold, I want the large, the rough cut and hexagonal bold crystals and to be able to channel the bohemian and mystique look into my own personal style.

One of the greatest attributes that flowers lend to the world of modern fashion these days is their shape as well as texture. On my wall above my bed I have some fantastic runway dresses from Valentino couture starring doe-eyed models in dresses covered in floral motifs. My favourite is a dress totally consumed in a large white rose which takes up most of the dress from the bottom and bodice and the top neckline is black sheer for contrast. Prabal Gurung's collection which I have also featured on Secret Hipster incorporated some gorgeous tulle flowers on the flowing skirts and trails of his more red carpet worthy dresses. The combination of the model's rich curls in a sandy brown colour, the texture as well as vibrant colour and the dress as well as the light grey tights are all so dreamy and romantic. I love the romantic style and dress, also the poems and ideals of sensation and life full of feeling.

Black roses- the most coveted of rose colours yet to be bred. I once watched a television programme that claimed the person to perfect the colour of black roses would become a millionaire. Could you imagine it's uses in a florist or bouquets? I wouldn't mind it, in fact I'd be quite impressed. I've always been drawn to things that are rare and unusual but I'd really settle for receiving flowers of any type. It's just nice to be embarrassed and to take them home and put them in a vase. No matter what any girl says, she will always love getting flowers even if it's for no reason at all. Till black roses are made a reality I may just stick to putting white roses in a vase of black water to change the colour myself. These holidays I may even get the motivation to properly buy Photoshop, but I doubt it. I don't use the free version I downloaded as often enough but I can't save files to their original size in that programme so I don't bother so much. In any case I wouldn't no where to begin when changing the colours of roses to black electronically. Instead I'll just admire other's handiwork.

I have no reason to think about floats for parades but I am impressed with the handiwork of this skeleton model adorned in yellow and white daisies. Although skeletons are grim and remind us of are own human condition of mortality, when crafted correctly they can look like their grinning with happy eyes rather than the hollowed out sockets absent of eyes and jaws attached to craniums. They're probably not real daisies and even to someone who hasn't studied biology or anatomy the shape and thickness of some bones looks wrong but as an aesthetic piece this floral skeleton is lovely.

Cars don't appeal to me much other than maybe the sleek lines of the body on a Mustang from the 1960s but I can appreciate art and painting for what it's worth and owning this car dubbed the Rose Royce, most likely a Rolls Royce painted in floral motifs is to due for. It's the the movement of colour in the petals as well as the detail of the leaves and vines in the green background in contrast to the chrome that really appeals to me. If I were to ever win the lottery, this car may be a port of call but I doubt it. I haven't even qualified to go for my probationary license yet.

While studying in preparation for my final exams this year I had to turn down my own sweet mother on an invitation to the Royal Melbourne Flower Show which I was quite annoyed about at the time. I wanted to take my own soft focus photographs and bring out my beloved but rarely used Diana F+ camera to the show and see how it translated the wild and arranged colours of the flowers onto film and the variation in colour from indoor and outdoor displays. But alas, I wasn't able to do any of that this year but perhaps next year will be an opportunity for medium format photography.

Dreamy and romantic, a flower is the epitome of a life of sensation. It's short lived, spends its time storing energy to be beautiful and capture the imagination of many but for a few days before falling to earth and then rotting on the ground.

I love the use of multiple exposures for this shot, layering the sensual and fragrant field of lavender with the silhouette in colour of a girl against the sky facing backwards from the camera. Her hair and it's wavy texture captures all of the colour of the lavender well- it's all so heart-wrenchingly gorgeous I just want to break out my own Diana cameras and wander about till I find picturesque fields of flowers of my own to photograph. For now I'll settle on pouring my eyes over the flowers and imagining their scent tickling my sense.

Groeneveld but it's hard to say really. What I found most striking was the setting of the photograph with the titled angle of the camera making the sky look like a wide expanse of a blanket smeared in tones of pastel white. The horizon of the photograph looks dark and stormy but directly over head is the serene clouds over the copper tinged rock pools on which a naked model sits adorned with ruffles of tulle material and streamers making her face look like the centre of a flower. The beauty of a flower thrown out to sea is much like a wreath thrown out in honour of someones death. I love the aesthetic beauty of the setting of the photograph combined with the vulnerable but pure model and her make-up and headdress. There's really few photographs like it.

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