Friday, December 30, 2011

Eyes of Common: Poor Number 10

The debut collection of the baby-faced, new-kids-on-the-block label 'Eyes of Common' was named 'Poor Number 10 and this collection was allegedly inspired "by love and heartache, bikers, tattoos and the ‘80s, amongst other themes and images."

This sweet crossbones necklace immediately reminded me of pirate maps and searching for long lost treasure. The thin band ring in sterling silver is just the right thickness to compliment the double crossed bones which don't seem formidable at all. The ring isn't so thin that it's uncomfortable, unlike my skull ring from Karen Walker but the design doesn't detract from the main bone motif. I'm going through a bit of a phase concerning skulls and skeletons at the moment.


A motif I've been clamoring to get my hands on is a dream catcher necklace in a precious metal, but all the pendants and necklace that I've searched for on eBay aren't up to my standard. Fortunately from the Eyes of Common debut collection there is a solution to my first world problem. The threading at the centre of the net resembles more closely a spider's web with the crude looking straight lines and hexagonal motif, but I do like the beaded effect of string towards the bottom end of the catcher and between the feather. The pointed end and sharp barred edge of the feather strangely reminds me of a knife. If you are interested in dream catcher's in jewellery, D_Luxe also have a netted dream catcher necklace (gold or silver) as well as a separate necklace of four feathers.

One of my favourite good luck charms when I was ten was a horse shoe, but rather than bringing me good luck I seem haunted and a bit doomed by it. I later came to the dramatic conclusion that horse shoes are only good luck when pointing upwards as this photograph indicates and that being downwards they attract bad luck. Fortunately you can have it pointing which ever way you like and the design is quite sweet and minimalist. Silver seems to be the more appropriate precious metal to use for this particularly ring, especially for the Bohemians out there that love turquoise as well as suede and fringing. This piece could do well stacked against others in an attempt to channel the  American Indian style.

The jailbreak ring fittingly features a harmonica to play the cliche blues on as well as the grim motto of 'We Ar All Alone' / 'Wear All Alone'. It's a present you'd want to give someone best described as a realist or a pessimist. This must be one of the rings that was described as belonging on the fingers of a classic rock guitarist and or poet.

I've seen many brands take on the common motif of a curled up nail in a perfect circle tried by many brands that use silver as their prime medium but it never really caught my eye well, but I do like the craftsmanship on this ring by Eyes of Common. I think it's the clean design, symmetrical curling of the silver nail as well as the grooves in the nail which are then accentuated by oxidation and the burn, rainbow effect at the tip of the nail. Not something that I would personally buy but it's the best execution by far of this design.

"Eyes of Common was formed in 2011 by Midnight Youth drummer Aidan Bartlett and Stephen Marr hairdresser Donielle Brooke after a realisation that the duo's constant jewel adventures and taste in precious metal could become a collaborative journey.

Both Auckland-based designers were already established in their own respective industries before their intense fascination with jewellery and the lost wax process compelled them to start their own label. After filling their scrapbooks with sketches they decided on their first collection 'Poor Number 10' and released it mid-2011. It has since been stocked at boutiques all throughout New Zealand.

The vision for Eyes of Common is to create unique, real quality jewellery using only traditional precious materials. Each collection is a progressive and cohesive range and tells an underlying story.
- Eyes of Common website

I have many found memories of breaking wish bones with my older brother as well as the same tired wishes I would make. It always involved my crush of the month and mooning over consummated love. Not once did any of my wishes on a wishbone come true but seeing it cleverly incorporated into the design of the peace symbol did spark back a lot of memories and leave me with a mild pensive feeling. There certainly is a lot of originality within their designs and this is something I have not previously seen on the New Zealand silver jewellery seen. It's always nice to be reassured that a new brand will bring new ideas and execution of similar symbols and themes.

Skulls being traditional motifs associated with graves and decay remind us of our own mortality, but occasionally a skull or skeleton piece of costume jewellery is crafted that looks neither threatening nor grim. It's also difficult to not over do things and make a skull look comical but the little oxidised beak of this bird skull made of Sterling silver as well as nasal cavities, empty eye sockets and hanging jaw bone makes it look almost endearing. The bird skull as well as large eyes also remind me of all the time I spend playing junior basketball for a club named the 'Vermont Vultures'. I sustained many bruises as well as a few wood burns from the court but still am happily reminded of my healthier days be looking at the rounded off break of this bird's skull.



  1. hey can you email me i want those rings and necklaces were can i buy them im from philippines btw.

  2. I don't work for them, I just admire their jewellery... I'm sure contacting them yourself and searching their name under Google will yield some good results.