Thursday, December 29, 2011

Eyes of Common: Lovers in Summer

Eyes of Common was first launched in 2010  the second collection of Sterling silver treasures offering more motifs associated with bikers and tattoos in addition to their debut collection 'Poor Number 10'. My favourites include the eagle immortalised in a necklace as well as ring and the cigarette lighter ring. A softer side of their second collection 'Lovers in Summer' included the pronged silver daisy ring with black gem at the centre of the pollen as well as the wire skeletons of pyramids which secure and hide dangling hexagonal crystals of quartz.

The brand is the brain child and project between two youths, started in New Zealand 2010. It began with sketches on a scarp book which evolved into something more between Aidan Bartlett, the drummer for Midnight Youth and hairdresser Donielle Brooke. The two used the sketches as the basis for designing and evolving their own range of silver jewels.

The two were inspired by themes and images far-flung and varied which range from the binary oppositions of love and heartache, motor bike gangs and their chunky club rings in silver, tattoos and the 80's. The Auckland based duo formed 'Eyes of Common' taking inspiration from and naming their label after a line in a Joanna Newsom song.

Their pieces are crafted in a small workshop and their jewellery is self-described as 'belonging on the fingers of classic rock guitarists or around the necks of poets.' The brand further goes on, describing their silver jewels as "Dark but with a positive edge, the silver pieces possess a solidity and permanence that transform them into statements of individuality and cultural exuberance. They look and feel arcane yet contemporary, suggesting other places and times while exuding the essence of modern tastes."

At the centre of this gorgeous daisy ring is a Smokey Quartz Healing Stone and is surrounded by two tiers or individual petals all on a thin silver band. The design is very sweet and made all the more valuable by the use of precious metal and semi-precious stone but I am wary of the pointed prongs of the petals. While they do add distinction and unique flavour to the piece, this is definitely a piece of jewellery you slide on to your finger after you have finished doing your hair. I have braided my hair many times to have sections pulled out by the detail on a rings left with an empty feeling and having to start all over again.

Never before have I seen a cigarette lighter used in jewellery design, while I am familiar with the best of New Zealand dark, grunge brands that seem to specialise in using silver and I have seen plenty of nails, bolts as well as brad picks and fish soy sauce bottles I haven't seen a lighter used. It would be great if the rolling wheel spun around, I have a small adoration for spinner rings and things I can fiddle with. It would be fun to do on the train crammed in with peak hour commuters and counting the number of curious looks I get from middle-aged on lookers.

At first I didn't see the crystal due to the white background of the card behind the ring (my pet peeve at the moment) but I did feel rather entranced by the little hidden gem in the pyramid ring. It does seem rather fitting to have a treasure hidden in a pyramid, after all, that is there sole purpose to preserve the bodies of Pharaohs long since past and keep them safe with all their valuables and necessary objects for the next life.


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