Friday, December 23, 2011

The Eleventh Hour: Melt

Melt is the second collection of this youthful Sydney label, The Eleventh Hour which featured more of their signature french seams, folding and almost "architectural" strtucture of their clothes in luxurious materials and classic colours. It was this collection that I frist spotted while milling about the Alice Euphemia blog site on brands that they sell and my imagination was captured by the alluring sheer material as well as the sharp collars and vintage strcture of the dresses. This dress features a cut-out section at the back as well as sheer sleeves to really establish itself in a league of its own in terms of structure as well as adding a clever new twist to the garment.

The style of garment construction that The Eleventh Hour really lend themselves to could be described as classic, stylish and chic but with the use of luxurious materials as well as sheer materials to create seductive pieces. I'd like to see their take and use of lace material in their next resort collection as well as colours aside from baby blue, white and black. The backdrops used for their pieces and collection folios really allow their to be a heavier emphasise on the craftsmanship of each of their pieces.

The shape and material of their collars in relation to the rest of their blouse construction is what catches my eye; it's reminiscent of the Miu Miu 2010 collection but a bit more minimalist and formal. That leaves it the versatility to be dressed up and styled with a range of different jackets and jumpers as well as pants to evoke a certain mood as intended for a stylist of fashion blogger. I really should get the motivation to do some of that myself but I have yet to clean out my room properly, sort out things to be sold on eBay or work to find a space for photography for this to become a proper styling blog. In the words of my wise brother: "Can't be assed".

Long have I searched for a bustier top that doesn't look cheap and isn't an expensive vintage piece being resold past it's intended value- I was almost surprised by the bold move in stucture and the garment The Eleventh Hour chose to take on but the result is fantastic! On a hot day in Australia I may be able to get away with wearing a piece like this with long and airy gypsy pants and long silver necklaces. The styling for the photo shoot advertising the second collection of the Sydney label, Melt, opted for classic and chic pleated pants that taper towards the ankles. I love the result of airy and free clothes with the formal and straight-forward and luxurious material that have combined to create such a signature look for the brand with a casual flair.

I only have to wear formal attire when the occasion calls for it or when I'm trying to dress to impress at a job interview but I really do love the long and trailing tails of the jacket, the large lapels and soft pleats of the jacket. This is what impression The Eleventh Hour have left upon me and what I believe to be their design and construction at it's best, relaxed and within its element. It makes me feel hopeful for young Australian brands such as themselves to make an appearance at RAFW. The slick design also reminds me of some of Ellery's more minimalist designs and dresses before they branched off to use more materials with texture and colour to them. Still- it's nice to find a brand with a greater focus on the fine details rather than the overall and sometimes, dramatic aesthetic of an outfit. Maybe what's most appealing is the way it's worn without a shirt and the bare skin showing in between the jacket.

I'm curious to know as to whether the fols and intricate pleats of this dress would fair well without the aid of a belt but I do like the use of folds of material that don't look stiff and uncomfortable. The design is eye-catching and perhaps the most far-fetched or rather fantastic of the Melt collection. Maybe something more suited to what performer Lady Gaga would wear at a funeral with the accentuated and winged hips as well as the ruffles of the skirt. In this minimalist shade of black in a near-transparent black material the black somehow catches the light in a way I haven't really seen before. I do hope that The Eleventh Hour continue to go from strength to strength and invest in making more of these types of pieces in their collection that are playful and whimsical in terms of their shape and movement.

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