Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Dragon Ear Wraps

Their one of the best ways to get instant cool- without the pain and cost of getting an extra piercing. Ear wraps! They can also be called Ear cuffs, but they're the same thing in principle, that is a piece of metal shaped into something artistic and cool that clings to your ear without the need for a piercing. They've been dubbed the stylish alternative to piercings and I would have to agree with that appraisal; when I first got my ears pierced my mother made me promise her I would get no other piercings and well, it would be nice not to upset her and get another piercing. That's why these ear wraps are perfect! They're very stylish and as you can see from the above photograph that there is a lot of meticulous detail that can do into them. I've seen some very basic ones such as dolphins, mermaids and star motifs but if I am going to get any ear wraps I'll happily blow my pay on some of these from America in the shape of dragons, in a few different shapes and sizes.

I won't bombard you with all the gory details but the ear wraps that I've shown here are all from the same seller and some of them cost more than $100. I'm sort of used to paying a lot of money for things I really want, and as long as I don't have a reaction to wearing these silver pieces and they do fit my small sized ear lobes then I'd be happy to fork out the cash. Some of them are really clever in their design, making it look as though tails are weaving in and out at places, creating the illusion that a piercing is there when it actually isn't.

It would be a little more of an insentive to tidy my hair up rather than wearing it out when I go out or to work if I had something like this too show off hanging onto my ear. The third one picture is my favourite, I like it's rigged neck with scales, the wide spread wings inspired by that of a vampire bat as well as the arrow head tail. I used to have the biggest fascination with dragons when I was eight- I am fairly sure I mentioned that part but I used to play dragons at recess and read about them from books at the library. I even made my own drawings of dragons I made up. They had attacks too- you know... because I was a really cool kid and stuff.

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