Friday, December 23, 2011


A tell-tale sign of when my body registers that it's on holidays is when apart from my tendency to slack off, sleep-in and not study as hard as I had all year is the craving of junk food and eating out unhealthy snacks. Right now I'm craving the sweet pastry and baked goodness a donut offers, I don't even mind that it's missing a bit of donut and there's a hole in the middle! I'd love to wrap my tongue around some sticky icing in a wild and wonderful colour as well as enjoy feeling the sprinkles fall off my lip as the stick to me after the first bite.

At the risk of being disowned by my friends I am going to make the bold statement that donuts are better looking and tasting then fairy bread. There's something attractive about the imperfect shape of a cirle and the decoration of small sprinkles attached to the icing I'm craving and feasting my eyes on lately.

A romantic gesture I'd love to recieve one Valentine's Day is being gifted a box of fancy donuts. A few years ago some boutique donuts featured in the MX, the popular metropolitan and free newsprint for the inner city area in Melbourne which featured an array of delicious looking donuts. They even had heart shaped holes in the middle of them to be extra festive.

I've been reasonably good and lost maybe three or four kilograms when I was on break from scheduled classes and studying for exams but I think all the weight I have lost is coming back on with an unhealthy diet and snacking on what I can when on my break from the world of retail. It's just hard to find motivation sometimes when all I can think about is the yummy and sweet textures of a donut and my stomach has more room for food. They're also so pretty to look at, and unlike a macaroon come with a much better price tag attached to them. I'll just have to deal with looking at these mouth-watering pictures and eating fruit instead.

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