Monday, December 26, 2011

Delfina Delettrez: Bat Bracelet in Brass

Many of Delfina Delettrez's jewellery pieces are very expensive due to the gorgeous precious metals and stones that are involved with the spook-tacular designs of skulls and spirits. My favourite and most minimalist design of all her jewellery currently available on the Opening Ceremony website is this bass cuff which comes in brass. The detail as you can see of the pointed ears, veins as well as fur is exquisite and I am familiar with some of Delettrez's other pieces having read an interview with the designer in Australian Vogue what seems to have been years and eons ago. Combining that familiarity with her fantastic craftsmanship with my love for the occult and you get a batty obsession. I cut out an extract of British Vogue which featured unique medallions and necklaces of quirky and spooky designs. This wasn't among them but I do think it should have been included in the collage.

Fantastical, dark, and cheeky, Delfina Delettrez's jewelry conjures a youthful sense of play that, when worn, not only adds touches of brilliance but also shades of intrigue. drawing inspiration from a sweeping range of sources--like anatomy, sixteenth-century Italy, insects, and Tim Burton--the fourth-generation Fendi blends the merry and the macabre to create an aesthetic that is unique and spooky-sweet.

I'm usually a bit wary of the way a bangle can sometimes restrict the movement of ones wrist but to be able to wear something as grand, beautiful, eye-catching as well as unique as this I think it would be well worth any discomfort. It'd be lovely if the little bat flew off that fancy cushion and into my jewellery case instead but well... looking at the money I have available as well as the prospects of travel and trading in my camera for a better model, things don't look so good on that front for now.

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