Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Deer oh Me

In true Hipster tradition I have greedily hoarded away several photographs of deer- this photo set featuring those bucks with antlers. I love the tattoo of the deer surrounded with a wreath but since I'm not vegan (I'm also a chicken) I couldn't possible endure the needle gouging to get something like hits permanently penned into my skin. I do like the sentiment of it though.

I feel really in awe of all the ink on this guy's chest; even with the sub-par picture quality I can see the individual lines of the fur as well as the wood grain effect of the antlers. The shading used on top of the fur lined effect is really something special. If I were to ever consider getting a tattoo it would be something along the lines of this or the first photograph featured in this post since I have a terrible fear of colour in tattoos falling out after hearing an interview with Wade from Alexisonfire and the story of his first tattoo. Listening to that interview really made me realise just how much can go wrong, as well as finding out that Dallas Green likes basketball and makes fun of Adelaide.

I must still have satchels on the brain after writing about the Cambridge Satchel Company but I love the deer detail on this vintage leather carry case. I do hope that the deer in white on the front flap of the bag is part of its actual design and isn't just a sticker- in which case I should hurriedly find and search for cool deer stickers. Seeing photographs like this makes me want to have an explore of big markets in the search for treasure.

This deer inspired mood of mine hasn't come from eyeing and making kissy faces at hat racks or mounted trophies on walls- I must be going through deer and more specifically reindeer withdrawal after Christmas. Every now and then I find as many deer figurines in resin and porcelain as I can possible find on eBay and add them all to my watch list with the intent result of decorating my desk and decking it out in deer memorabilia; though days later I will delete them all, tut and shake my head at myself wondering what was I thinking. I do have it in me to become deer mad and I think it's only a matter of time before it tips the scales. I'm also feverishly awaiting the arrival of my 2012 diary from Rebound Books which features the Little Golden book of Bambi spliced in between my yearly planner.

Other than the ridiculous heat in Summer, I wish I lived elsewhere when I see photographs or squirrels as well as deer and get reminded of the boring wildlife in Australia. Yes, it's exciting when they can only be found native in Australia but when you think of the massive expanse of land there is and that the next country is across the sea  it does make you feel a little less cheery. While Australia has its dingos, koalas, possums and kookaburras I'd need to travel overseas or take a trip to the zoo to see bears, deer, wolves or squirrels. I'm looking forward to my trip to Canada next in early 2013, Mum has already made me save close to $600 so things are looking on track so far.

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