Saturday, December 17, 2011

Deadly Ponies Mr Rosette

Finally after a year of hard work, studying for more than thirty hours a week in addition to attending my classes in my final year of high school there has been the culmination of my hard work in four digit number which will then determine the university I will be able to attend next year. It feels so good- my startegy of choosing difficult subjects and doing hours of study payed off and I feel as if I deserve a little reward. 

Unfortunately I let the Mr. Rosette bag by Deadly Ponies get away from me a second time due to my dismissive and snivilling attitude of 'well, I doubt I'd ever use it, even if it is a spectacular design'. But the shape! The alluring and smooth black leather combined with a rosette motif to make me feel like I'm a winner and that I'm special. Rosette's are the perfect symbol of positive reinforcement to make you feel good, and after working twelve hours in retail as well as more than four basketball games I officiated within two days it'd be nice to bask in the glory of recieving a good ATAR score and making my family and friends proud of me.

I had my doubts about the size of the bag and it's detail as well as how comfortable it would feel against my body before I spotted this photograph in a google search. Oh how I wish I had seen this before the eBay auction had finished and I had snatched up the bag! It was less than $200, possibly $170 but for a Deadly Ponies bag which uses real leather in their bags, it is a snap and many premium brands have little wear to them when sold second hand on eBay. I prefer my bags to be able to be slung across my entire body and also beside my hip so I can hold it in my hands as well; for someone not exposed to bag-snatching I am quite wary of the danges of having a hand bag.

Still though, it'd be nice to attend boutiques opening nights of collections and up-market events with that slung around my body and a silk jacket and dress. Who am I kidding honestly? At my age I'm more concerned about working enough hours and my studies to be out and about the town covering events by my favourite stores in the city. I know in the end I have made the right choice since I don't have a lot of money behind my bank account at the moment but I can't help feel like I've missed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Twice. This was the second listing on eBay for this bag from the same seller.

Blogger 'Susie Bubble' (Susanna Lau) from Style Bubble sporting a Deadly Ponies Mr Rosette Bag as well as tough combat boots and a layered mass of purple draped clothing. I've always admired the length as well as quality of posts from the Style Bubble, the photographs from when she visits stores showcasing their merchandise and her own quirky posts and styling. I believe she has been invited to Australian fashion week to cover collections from the nations top designers and brands.

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