Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Deadly Ponies: Mr Mohawk Lure

After scoping out the Good as Gold online shop as well as Superette and Shop Acrimony, I have once again rekindled my love affair with Deadly Ponies accessories and in particular the cute key chain named Mr Lure. Mr Lure can also be known as Mr Mohawk and Mr Fluffy depending on the texture of the wool used for the bag charm. It's in the style of the iconic fox tail but without harming any animals.

Give your favorite handbag a slap in the face with a furry clip on!
Made from luxurious fluffy wool with brass hardware, features a little stamped Deadly Ponies logo too.

What impresses my most about the key chain is the length and luxury it can add to a bag and instantly updates the look. There's a whole variety of colours; the varieties I'm most familiar with are black, white, grey, various shades of blue, red, purple and yellow. I've seen photographs of every colour except for red and it'd made all the more difficult when this is the first product to sell out online at the Deadly Ponies store.

The circular metal discs feature DP as well as the conjoined twin horse logo trademark to Deadly Ponies. The use of this artist sketch book showcases the texture of the wool used as well as the colour of the Bone or white Mr Lure Key chain which is usually shown on a white background for all photographs to be uniform but it looks as if there's nothing there. I stupidly let a Mr Lure key chain go when I saw it out eBay, but I can get it for a similar price at an online store to make up for it. It would look great with a suede bag and fringing.

Exclusive to Superette comes this magenta Deadly Ponies lure key chain- if I could buy it I gladly would but it's sadly not an option available at the moment. It must be unavailable, or worse, sold out. If you've kept up to date with my posts on Deadly Ponies then you must be aware that their 2012 collection features a lot of magenta and bright pink bags; maybe the launch of this Mr Lure will follow the official released of all their lovely bags still to come.

It's very tempting to use some of my Christmas money towards buying a Deadly Ponies Mr Mohawk lure key chain and while the bright blue of this particular lure seems very eccentric and hard to pair with a bag, I still have the firm belief that tan suede would match it well if you're leaning towards that Native American look. It may just be the lighting but it is a very light blue compared to the next two key chains; the grey colour may be more suited or waiting for yellow and magenta to show their sorry butts around the online market. With these popular pieces it really is first in best dressed so if I were to get a Mr Lure I should do it soon before they all sell out.
For those of us unable to afford a Deadly ponies bag, Mr Lure is a welcome addition and comes with a very accommodating price tag. Each bag charm has a sturdy brass hook and the uses the softest wool in a sensational range of colours. Be assured that you are paying the best for top-dollar-worthy products and expect to see more as Deadly Ponies continues to expand their empire.

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