Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Dark and Mysterious

To match mystique looking rings the second best accessory is some amazing tattoos for those who believe in superstition such as the horse shoe and scrolled writing on the wrist of this lucky lass. While they look good now on taut and young skin, I can only imagine the horror of looking at old wrinkly tattoos that have long since lost their meaning and fail to be considered cool anymore. While you only live once, I personally don't believe in making a decision I will regret for the rest of my life. Also I am fairly sure that my mother would kill me were I to get tattoos on my hands or any other visible part of my body. For a while I really did want a peace sign on the top of my foot; sort of like a floral wreath arrangement. That dream has since died.

As I'm still mourning the loss of my old sunglasses, tragically chewed up by a bulldog nearly a year ago I think the melding of skeletons wearing sunglasses seems fitting- I really like the pair in the middle with wire as well, they might be the pair you can flip to see through as normal glasses. If I had a nice and neat little shelf in my room, buying motif skulls or Easter island heads might be a fun way to display sunglasses or glasses... although I must admit that my mother is anti-shelf and that there's no real way of telling when I will properly clean my room next. All I can do is hope that the mood takes me again at some point and sweeps me off my feet.

Normally posing with something between your teeth or lips ends up looking abnormal and uncomfortable (I would know, I've been silly enough to try) but somehow the look of a skeleton's skull between teeth and film grain looks quite becoming. I tip my hat to this girl.

Being left alone with no one in the house isn't necessarily unsettling to me, but still, I think it would be nice if I had a furry little companion by my side. Something to pester me for love and attention and something to feed as well. It's always a nice feeling to be needed and I suppose cats do provide that, up to a point in which they do their own independent activities for the day.

Street style photographs always produce some of the best and most individual styles, and I would dare to say this is the creme de la creme and the epitome of punk and individual style. The ethnic touches such as fringing and the Navajo cuffs over a sweater really updates the look and modernises it. Both boy and girl appear to be dressed with clothes entirely source from second hand shops and 'green-shopping' is going to become increasingly popular with young people as more bloggers such as Tavi Gevinson and Brooke Kao publish photographs of their unique styles and vintage treasure finds. While watching television on an Australia show called 'Collectors' one guest spoke so wisely and said "vintage shopping is like hunting for treasure hunting, recycling and playing dress-ups all into one". The two have the look down pat, with their old chunky trainers and boots in bright colours and nothing matching at all. My mother would wrinkle her face at seeing something like this and still, even at the age of eighteen makes me change clothes when we go out and she doesn't like it because I still don't think she sees it as suppressing my freedom of expression and style. One day she just might realise though.

I was tempted to wear a pair of glasses with zero magnification into work at some stage last week but never had the guts to do it, it makes me feel bad and like I'm making a mockery of those that do need them. Of course wearing vintage looking glasses can be used for either dress ups or also just as a style and personal preference type of thing. I like the use of the thin, golden wried glasses as well as the knitted jumper and black lipstick. I'd like to try wearing black lipstick myself but the look doesn't quite look as well done when you're skin isn't pale and I have a light tan about me so, well, there goes that plan. I don't wear lipstick that often anyway but I can't help but feel that maybe if I did it would be fun.

This paisley/ floral print dress is matched perfectly with the knitted cardigan and black accessories ranging from Doc Martens, black jeans, black nails and a black Channel bag. I look forward to the day when I can walk and stride confidently through the doors of a boutique store and be able to afford the nice things in there. Yesterday I was craning my head to see the gorgeous things in Miu Miu but was grounded and brought back to Earth when my boyfriend politely reminded me that I couldn't afford anything in there.

The subversive touch of a girl dressed in black and listening to a now considered to be, stone-age piece of C grade electronics that is the Walkman among a very sweet and girly

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