Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cosmic Girl

I'm in such a bad and spacey mood lately- I began to reread Harry Potter and the Philosopher's stone with the intent to feel sad. Knowing that J.K. Rowling wrote the book while she felt sad and abandoned, after her mother had died I took wanted to seek refuge in the pages of the poor orphaned Harry and his horrible Aunt Petunia and Uncle Vernon. It hasn't really worked that well, since I've finished school I'm so much more distractable and I feel bad about thing, I could do with a dream catcher. But what I really need is a negative thought catcher around my neck or worn as a halo to stop me from thinking the worst of everything. If I was smart I would head to bed and warm it up while reading Harry Potter but I can't tear myself away from the sad, folk blues of Dan Sultan.

Now with school finished, the last few days I have dedicated to blogging constantly, producing several posts a day as well as burning a gorgeous smelling candle I got for my birthday, just staring into the flame and poking about with the wax every now and then. I had meant to read more books and watch less television but old habits die hard and it is difficult to wrench myself from the happy, sluggish stupor I sometimes suffer while sitting in front of the television.

I neverknew until a few weeks ago that the smoke from these mysterious pictures was actually a flare going off- it's odd the way some young people find uses for other things. There's a whole rainbow of colours but I prefer this shade of pink coupled with the black sheer blouse and long high waisted maxi skirt and a silver necklace. The mass of wooden branches behind the girl in the photograph is enough to raise some eyebrows and questions, perhaps a satanic fire. Or an abandoned home of a bunch of beavers.

For about a day or so I was tempted to buy my own Ouija board from eBay, but then again I don't like talking to people enough as it is so contacting the dead for someone who's socially awkward may have disastrous consequences. Still though, I do like the photograph, from the hand holding to the black lipstick and outfits looking like they belong to Wednesday Adams. I too have a candle burning in this very room, mainly to make it smell nice and try to elavate my dismal mood. Hopefully my mood will improve by doing something nice with my nails tonight and finally recieving some good mail. Otherwise I could try and take some photographs like this using self timer... though I don't like those odds. My hair was a mess this morning and I'm hardly feeling photogenic.

I love a good pair of dribbly candles, probably more so at this time of year since I've been reading a lot of weird book written by Terry Pratchett. At the moment I'm also reading the first Harry Potter Novel and I may also begin to read 'Equal Rites' by Terry Pratchett. The other day on the way to work a weird middle-aged man insisted on sitting next to me on the bsu despite the fact there were plenty of spare seats. My only saving grace and guardian angel was bringing out a book and having the man respect the fact I wanted to enjoy my book. I can't risk bringing Harry Potter and using it as a social shield- it's too recogniseable and too much of a conversation starter. I'll just stick to reading books on the differeneces in magic conjured by witches, warlocks and wizards thank you very much.

If I had a nice mantle piece and a brightly coloured feature wall to display things on, then maybe I would feel a little more proactive in terms of cleaning my room. But I know no matter what tidying up I do that it will never really be clean and nice and it won't feel like a nice place just to sit around and spend time. I'm much happier in the longue room where there's a television adn a few computers. Besides, my bedroom at the moment is mainly the place I go to sleep and cry. Still, I can't help but shake the feeling it would be nice to have a display of crystals like this. The stark colours look really good against the deep colour of the wooden shelf. If I had to pick a favourite of the healing crystals... I would say the red one on the far left. It reminds me of watermelon.

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  1. Hello sweetness, do you know the source of the ouiji board image? I'd really love to know