Friday, December 2, 2011

Cool shoes from Punk to Harajuku

Although this punk look could probably be achieved by hand, I love the Christian Louboutin spiked loafers and heels. I am a bit of fan of loafers since they are super comfortable and you don’t have to worry about the shape of the shoes losing their lustrous structure. I’ve never hand studded anything myself but since there are quite a few tutorials and DIY instructions available on the Internet it can’t be that hard right? But there is most definitely an art to it- since I am a perfectionist at heart if I did not correctly place my studs and spikes in the pattern I wanted it would break my heart more or less. That’s why I would prefer to buy the second pair of shoes pictured from the top since they’re all so perfectly studded and also you can’t buy studs like that from store usually.

Miu Miu silk platform pumps; I am really excited to see there are a few pairs of clogs from the collection on eBay which I may be able to save up for. My favourite print, the cats is out of my size though so that leaves me feeling a little bit bitter. I have some knock-off silk pumps a size too small which I can bear to wear if I’m mucking around and taking photographs but with those types of shoes it is so difficult to be able to take my own photographs. I need to be able to see what I’m doing and see what the image will turn out before I pose and decide to endure the pain of shoes that are too small- even if they are really pretty and fun to put on top of my astronomy books.

My adoration for frilly socks is a bit extreme, but the most annoying and horrible thing is that there are no good pairs of socks available on eBay. I don’t know where else to get them other than from American Apparel which can be quite expensive since I would want to own a few different pairs in different colours. I like to wear the socks with wedge sandals as part of my uniform for work- part of my personal style and quirk I guess.

I have a pair of shiny leather Doc Martens which now have a few scraps and scrapes but an embossed floral motif all over. They can be a little overbearing to wear at times if I’m not wearing the right socks of a great enough thickness. That’s what’s alluring about worn and vintage boots such as the ones pictured above. The scarf tied over her leg is cute as well with the different shades of brown on the boots and quilting effect around the back of the boot. They don’t necessarily look like sturdy boots for walking around in forest but they do look protective for crowds- especially when there are clumsy masses and you don’t need to change shoes over again.

Winged effects are one of my favourites, first done by Jeremy Scott for Adidas sneakers; there are also plastic platform wedges from Vivienne Westwood. Vivienne Westwood is one of my favourite brands in terms of imagination and design as well as a range of different colours that really bring attention to the material used. I unfortunately have no idea who is the designer of the winged ballet flats pictured above. The sole looks a bit like a Doc Marten design buy I would feel really chuffed if it was put out by Vivienne Westwood ( I doubt it- I’m a bit too familiar with her designs). It’s a lovely shade of peach/pink thought and I like the tie detail at the front of the shoes.

I love a range of different shoes for different things and my taste can be quite eclectic but the things I enjoy most look rare and different. Just like the ice cream modified Doc Martens picture above. The cherries on top go really well with both the shades of green pictured.


  1. I love frilly socks too, I have started to make mine. Fun blog. :D

  2. That's awesome! How do you make yours?

  3. hi,
    was the ice cream doc martens handmade or did you buy it like that from the store?if it was handmade,how did you make it?