Monday, December 26, 2011


Clutches are the kind of bags a Hollywood starlet uses, just enough room to fit the necessities of a phone and credit card as well as having to hold on to them for dear life for worry of losing ones valuables. If you end up using a clutch then of course you're at an invitation event where dinner has already been payed for with entry or there's light refreshments of some kind and it's all a very formal affair. It'd be nice to be able to afford one of these glamorous clutches from either Chanel or Givenchy but with little to see from a social life there is really no point in such a thing for myself... at the moment. Maybe 2012 will be the year that brings great change in my and I'll end up being an active part of my university and join in clubs and attend events in the inner Melbourne for boutique stores. You never know- it could happen.

I love the illustrations for these two Givenchy clutches, I have seen the panther motif before on a hand bag and I really do love the Fall collection, I am tempted to whip up a post about it since it's all so good but seeing all the big cat goodness does make me feel rather small, petty and poor despite having spend $100 today. The colour schemes for the two bags as well as their pleasing and traditional clutch shape with rounded edges seems simple and sweet but there's so much more intrigue and mystery held within the fiery eyes of the panther as well as the cute bordering effect around the iris.

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