Sunday, December 11, 2011

Clog Boots and Wooden Heels

If someone were to tell me two years ago that clog inspired boots and wooden heeled creations were to be the toast of the town for fashion collections such as Chanel and Missoni (just to name a few), I would tell them to get their head checked. But it did happen, and it did happen in a spectacular fashion. Some of the most spectacular boots of that fashion come from Jeffrey Campbell who has been around for about ten years now, hailing from Los Angeles but the popularity of the brand has picked up speed within the last year or two. Another brand who made some of the best clog boots were Opening Ceremony, although that brand has been a little more elusive on online auction site eBay. There's been some spectacular variations on design; studded circles along the bottom of the shoe connecting the heel, different shapes of heel as well as different curved lines of the toe as well.

The trend is winding down though, marking the end of a golden era in which stability of heel achieved height and colours and textures seemed to have an infinite amount of combinations. Take the pair of shoes pictured above as an example, they're made in light blue suede with a more squarish cut toe and a platformed heel adorned in pink and orange jewels. I love the dreamy photography and the soft focus which sort of softens the strong lines and design. This is the kind of stuff I really live for, imaginative pieces beyond what I can even think to comprehend. The two pairs of shoes pictured above are my favourites, it's a shame I don't know what brands they are.

Tapestry was also a popular combination with platform and heeled boots alike; combining the best of what was the newest trend in footwear with vintage inspired material. I have a soft spot for the fabric as well, I lust over a pair of vans in that type of material as opposed to high heeled boots which aren't that suitable for working in. I still admire the shape, structure as well as the material chosen for the clog boots; from the photograph above it more looks like a sculpture with those smooth lines rather than something you would wear on your feet.
Who knows that the future will hold for fashion footwear? Creepers as well as brogues have been popular for a while now and the creation of platformed flats dubbed 'flatforms' is something I hope will gain popularity. I can only hope that there is more exciting variation on design for the next trend of footwear as there was for clogs, wooden heel boots and other shoes that had a gypsy flair to it.

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