Friday, December 23, 2011

Clink Jewellery

I've been after mystical and healing crystal jewellery for a while and I found the perfect solution to my search while looking on a New Zealand shop's blog! Superette are a store I added to keep in contact with brands such as Deadly Ponies, Stolen Girlfriends Club as well as D_Luxe Jewellery but I have now discovered another gem of a brand to add to that list. Clink Jewellery have created and harnessed some of the mystical properties believed to be carried in some semi-precious stones in the forms of gorgeous pieces of jewellery. The first photograph shows the raw crystal characteristics of an amethyst coloured quartz geode, hung aloft on a chain necklace and a silver bail.

I was most impressed with this netting necklace which supports a small carved piece of quartz in an amethyst colour in the shape of a skull. I have a small addiction with skulls in pretty shapes and sizes at the moment; along with this piece there's a cow skull in sterling silver I'm thinking of buying down at one of my local shops as well as a small glass bottle of vodka in a skull shape I'd love to display on my window sill. I can't find this piece available on the shop's website so I think someone else may have beaten me to it but it would have been a lovely necklace to wear while on public transport- being able to touch and feel over the sculpted curves and dips of the skull as well as the neat and square teeth. The polished and tumbled look of the rock is what really speaks to me in the design of a skull.

In the traditional shape of a healing crystal comes this pointed and pyramid shaped stone on the end of a silver chain necklace. It looks more like a prop to be used by a hypnotist rather than something you'd wear around your neck but it still looks lovely. I know the perfect thing to wear with this jade coloured stone: a red coloured jumper! Subconsciously I've been wearing red and green as well as favouring my green turtle backpack when going out to work the last two days... I've come down with an infectious case of tinisilitis and holiday Christmas fever. I much prefer the clean lines and sharp point of this necklace compared to the rough and raw look of crystals bound by netting, but I'm morning the loss of the skull stone necklace still.

This Jade Point Necklace is definitely a must have! Jade is known to strengthen the heart, kidneys and immune system. Helps cleanse blood and is a powerful emotional balancer.

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