Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Chronicles of Never

Chronicles of Never has been one of my favourite grunge brands, they use a lot of loose drapery and muted tones for their clothes- but it's their jewellery that really sets my soul on fire.
The combination of brushed steel as well as rough cut chapes and pendants for their designs simply cannot be immitated. The dark and brooding nature of their pieces transaltes well into the mood and atmosphere created for their photoshoots to emphasise the darkness of their jeweller, eyewear and clothing. As I said before, I'm not really interested in the clothign from the label, it seem very masculine and male oreintated and the designs for their female counter-part pieces seem unchanged and not fully utilising the female figure. Their jewellery collections are imaginative, strong and bold, and my favourite piece to come from the Australian label is the crystal necklace and charm bracelet.

The necklace pictured above features the Chronicles of Never symbol, a traignular shaped hour glass on the clasp of the necklace and the pendant is of two hexagonal shaped 'crystals' in pure black and white. The sharp and stark colours of each of the crystals seems so unreal, the look more like chalk than a type of quartz. The rough and jagged clasp around the top of each of the crystals emphasise the hand made and unique nature of each of the necklaces.
Each necklace retails for
AUD$269.00 but they are rather rare. I once saw both the necklace and bracelet for sale on eBay from the same seller but was far too broke to afford either pieces. Needless to say, I was not a happy chappy for the rest of the week and the clouds hung above my head.

Chronicles Of Never Crystal Necklace

Sterling Silver Chain necklace with Crystal pendant from the Chronicles Of Never Jewellery collection.
Made from 925 Sterling Silver which has been treated, oxidised and hand polished which leaves it with this unique oxidised blackened finish.
The chain is approximately 32cm in length and has 2 small crystal pendants. These crystals have been covered in a chalk like paint which makes them black and white in colour. Also look awesome slightly scratched off.
All the Chronicles Of Never Jewellery is hand made and distinctly finished.
Given the unique designs, colours and materials used, it is obvious to spot an individual wearing a Chronicles of Never item.
Comes in a Chronicles Of Never jewellery pouch.
- The Annex Concept Store

The bracelet features a single hexagonal crystal in black with Chronicles of Never's trademark oxidised and brushed silver chain. Draped around your wrist, the charm is meant to evoke dark magic and circles of witches but somehow I can't help but think how sweet it looks. Each crystal and the silver clasp around it is unqiue- you'll notice that the silver at the top of the crystal is much more straight and horizontal than it's necklace counter-part. Unfortunately I don't know the price of the bracelet as it is a very rare piece. If you own either a necklace or a bracelet, consider yourself a very luck and fashion-forward person. If you do own both pieces consider, you've struck Chronicles of Never (metaphorical) gold!

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