Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cats- Our Furry Friends

The thing about cats is that it's acceptable if they act antisocially or they leave once you feed them- or their cold and indifferent demeanour in general. Because they're a cat and that's just the way they are. Now if a dog you had loved since it was just a puppy became all snooty and uptight I think it would break your heart. It's weird to see how things can change from idealistic puppy love to heart-wrenching drama right inside your own head. It's weird and I don't like it- I normally like weird things but this time I don't. I'm using these weird pet analogies for how I feel right now... I don't feel too flash and I'm kind of upset. I also think that I miss having the company of my fluffy little companions, my five rabbits. I could sure use with a rabbit cuddle right now and burying my head in tufts of soft fur- just to let it all out and have a good cry.

I can see why a cat may be wearing such a begrudging facial expression if it were dyed blue and made to look like a rain cloud, then as if it weren't humiliated enough, it had to be used as a hat by a Katy Perry look-a-like. I'm not sure why I would save something like this from Tumblr other than amusement as well as the intriguing mixture of pastel coloured hairs on the human and cat.
There used to be a cat that lived near the kindergarten two streets away from me- I'm fairly sure the poor little mite is dead now. It was such a good natured cat and it would jump down from a brick wall of a similar height to the one pictured and it would let me rub it's soft and furry stomach while batting at my arms playfully. Thankfully it never brought out it's claws when it did that, otherwise I might feel deterred from studying to become a veterinarian. Or hold a weird and seemingly-unexplainable grudge against cats in my work.

Cats also have the uncanny ability to look so stylised, smooth and sleek especially when they are caught in a mood in which they are willing to be photographed. I can't count the amount of photographs I've saved of cats posing artistically in front of a lens on my hard drive from the micro-blogging site Tumblr. It's really quite amazing, considering I don't really like cats that much. My father thinks that one of them killed one of my bunny rabbits, Ronald who was orange and lop eared. I think they look nice but sometimes they can be rather horrible, nasty and cruel animals. The worst part of all this is that the nastiness and cruel nature is often instinctive- the way a fox will kill a whole barn full of chickens but only take away or eat one or two. I'm quite glad that many civilised humans don't have the instinct to kill... there would be more problems than usual say at school, at work, and when I act as a basketball referee.

It was the bags that really made me smile, the unsightly and weird corners of the satchel have been cleverly transformed into the ears for that cats. I know it's a bad idea to have a white bag, it would only end up getting stained and dirty but it's a much bigger bag and there's more detail and shading  of the face shape and colour in the eyes compared to the black cat bag. They're still both very cute and endearing, a good gift for someone who's an animal lover. The sweatshirt on the far left would be an idea, I've seen a few myself on eBay but nothing has really spoken to me by volumes, in any case I am quite broke at the moment.

You wouldn't think that a cat's tongue would be rough, what with all the grooming it does but it is actually quite rough! In fact a cat's tongue sort of has these small scales on it's tongue to help clean and scrub. Sometimes there are some very curious designs in animals for a range of strange purposes but I suppose that everything eventually finds it purpose and true calling in life. For a cat's tongue it's to taste food and to lick all over it's fuzzy and furry body.

A bit unusual to find a cat's head submerged in a body of water but I suppose if that is a fish tank then he may be trying to hunt for a bite to eat. I would have thought that the water would have hurt the cat's eyes though and that he would've shut them, rather than risking the water flooding into his eyes. Oh well, I suppose cats just don't take the time to really think about these things. Instead they're happy just being cats as well as letting their owners take cool photographs of them to share on sites such as Photobucket, but mainly Flickr.

The reason behind the asymmetrical colours of this cat's pupils is to prevent deafness in white cats. In their old age, white cats which have blue eyes usually go deaf but it has been found that if a white cat has green eyes it will not go deaf. Sometimes breeders can get some strangely mixed cats with mismatched eyes such as this little guy. So for him he'll only be able to hear in the ear which is on the right side of his face, the same side he has a yellow eye. It doesn't really mean that they won't be happy in their old age, and if they aren't then I suppose it's how any degenerate old person feels in a society ill equipped to deal with them.

Snape. Poor guy, I should read a few pages so he's not doing something that makes him miserable and I can feel less guilty.

I imagine this effect was achieved by using a colour gel filter in front of a camera's flash to produce such an effect. I like the purple tone of the skin, as well as the light purple hue in patches of fur that have caught the light as well as in the cat's ears. Mainly the black fur has absorbed the flash rather than reflected it. The thing that attracted me to this photograph was the wide dilated eyes of the cat- their the perfect shape really.

I was contemplating getting these little critters, but there's not much of a point since all of my furry friends have passed on and headed towards the great beyond. I like the cat though, the large tufty chest as well as the short legs, red nose and blue eyes. There's such life and warmth in that small little ornament. These animals are available on Etsy and I'm sure you can make custom orders if you have something special in mind.

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