Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Cambridge Satchel Company: The Metallic

In addition to the fun fluorescent satchels from the Cambridge Satchel company, another series of new and exciting satchels were released only a few weeks ago. That was the limited edition range known as 'The Metallic' satchels which come in your choice of either gold or silver. I'm not sure as to whether there were other colours as well as gold and silver; if so they've already been sold out. The annoying thing is that I can't even see what items have been sold out and what was previously available. Most of it is left to guess work- when online shops provide some sort of sold archive I'm usually consoled with the
knowledge of past products that were popular with the masses. Searching around Google Images has also yielded a metallic wine and copper colour but I'm not too sure if these are official Cambridge Satchel Company satchels or if they are imitations and knock-offs.

My mother would love the colour of this lovely satchel- once she got over it's metallic finish. I would love to know whether the Cambridge Satchel Company actually manufactured this satchel. I could really get into colour blocking and wild different colours while sporting this around town. It's not often you see leather in such a metallic finish due to it's sensitive foil-like material a lot of care and gentle love is required for these bags but for the dramatic look it enables you to achieve I would say it is far worth the cost as well as care. This satchel would look spectacular against a vintage black dress.

Looking for something to add that special sparkle to your outfit? A festive take on The Classic, The Metallic is available in two new fabulous colours with all the original features of The Classic satchel.
Due to the nature of the manufacturing process, please note that this range of satchels may have slight line markings on the foils, this is a delicate leather and so should be treated with due care.
Available in  either 11", 13"or 14"

Worn with a simple denim dress, this copper coloured metallic satchels seems to brighten up the entire photograph and is the centre of attention. Worn with what seems to be a versatile outfit they seem to instantly inject colour and glamor into any outfit. For those of us who love to be in the lime light buying a metallic Cambridge Satchel Company satchel would suit you perfectly- but be warned, you must be quick to get your hands on these limited edition leather bags.

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