Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Cambridge Satchel Company: The Fluoro

The classic satchel with a contemporary twist. This bag offers a front buckle fastening, an adjustable shoulder strap and front pocket.

While scouring a local Australian store's website, Dotti for bags I stumbled across something that looked a lot like the Cambridge Satchel Company's Fluoro bag in hot pink. While of course it's not the same and not at the same standard as the English brand's bags it did feel nice to splash out on something girly and feminine- it certainly caught my mother off guard when I bought it. As a small child I never did play with dolls a lot and was happier helping my father in the garden and around the shed messing around with motorbikes and such. For a while I thought I was reverting back towards things I had missed in my development but I think I just generally admire the shape and structure of these satchels. Before I enter my first year of university I do hope I can have a nice bag to hold either books or a laptop- although books and old-fashioned note taking seems to be more suited to my price range at this point in time.
The simple use of a brightly coloured and fluorescent satchel to this ensemble is the essence of what I believe to be colour blocking- for a girl brought up in Melbourne and very much used to wearing black in particular the concept seems quite foreign to me but the way it brightens up an ensemble is really fantastic. It's a fun way to instantly spark colour into your outfit and I find that a fun bag can often be a great conversation starter too. The amount of compliments and questions I get on a backpack in a turtle's shell is insane- these satchels are just a little more slick and adult but The Fluoro edition to the range coming in green, pink, yellow and orange is a lighter and more playful take on the traditional satchel.
The use of this kitsch table cloth really brings out the sick-bright-fluorescent shade of green. I mean sick in the nicest way, it actually reminds me a bit of the Frankenstein monster for some reason, but I guess I always pictured him being that colour. When I bought my hot pink satchel which took inspiration from the Cambridge Satchel Company I had no choice in colour, it was hot pink or nothing. I would have much preferred sporting a fluorescent green satchel over a pink one but I've made my bed and not it's time to lie in it. My satchel only fits the bare necessities so maybe I will buy a proper Cambridge Satchel in some of their largest sizes, 14 inches or 15 inches.

The Cambridge Satchel company pride themselves on producing high quality leather goods, as well as satchels in an array of colours there's also school badges and trunks. I love the reminiscence and their mission being the revival of old school charm bags. It's not always easy to find vintage gold and with the new materials as well as bright colours and variations of colours- the English company make it easy for the fashion hungry masses. The company was founded in 2008 by Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomas and is still going strong and has collaborated with popular online brand Asos. Originally the satchels were aimed at school children but became increasingly popular as a fashion item and became, according to The Guardian, "a cult among twenty-something fashion bloggers".

Traditional leather satchels and music cases, made in England - 100% leather. A timeless classic with the added twist of now being offered in a range of colours. Come and see!

A close second to the fluorescent green satchel is the bright orange; I love the combination of the bright orange and the black fluffy fox tail lure. Deadly Ponies make some fantastic furry key chains and the combination of the two seems like a match made in heaven. I just might get both if I'm not too careful, but I have had my eye on the Deadly Ponies accessory for a while now and they are rather hard to get a hold of. All colours of the furry accessory have sold out on the official Deadly Ponies website but I am resourceful and crafty enough to find other ways of finding the fluffy treasure. It adds a lot of character to the Cambridge Satchel.

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  1. They are so lovely i want one so much!! Great blog