Friday, December 30, 2011

The Cambridge Satchel Company: The Designer

I really can't get enough of the Cambridge Satchel Company's bags and The Designer which features two shades of contrasting leather is no exception to my enthusiasm. It's a little more swish and slick but still features the classic design as well as traditional colours you would expect to see from the British brand. It all started in 2008 when the Cambridge Satchel Company was founded by Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomasand in the space of three short years the label has already established itself as a brand synonymous with high quality leather goods. Aimed at school children but finding greater favour and reputation with fashion bloggers, The Designer is another brilliant variation for those seeking to channel school boy/ school girl charm.

The Designer radiates the best of vintage style in new condition with fantastic colours and leather material combinations. Although the tan leather and tartan insert satchel aren't explicitly part of The Designer collection and are instead a collaboration with online shop Asos, I thought it appropriate to include it and clump them together since this particular bag seems to have a particularly strong sense of school style about it. Worn with a sweet vintage blouse and your choice of knickerbockers or a skirt and tights combination all you would be missing is a boater hat to complete the look. Unfortunately I can't find this bag available to buy online anywhere, but there is a rather fetching leopard print pocket and black combination available on the Asos X Cambridge Satchel Company website.

I already had a small admiration for the fluorescent green satchel, but the contrast of navy straps as well as the pocket detail for name slip seems to be even better. It sort of tones down the bombastic nature and eye-catching primary colour used for the design of the bag and makes it seem a little more sensible and more suited towards school endeavours.

Something more up my alley is this predominantly black satchel and red straps and finer details- I say this after reorganising my wardrobe and realising I have many black and red jumpers but don't really ever lust after or wear any other shades of jumpers. Of course since the Summer season has just started in my neck of the woods I won't get to see a lot of them for a while but well, when Winter does come back I'm sure this will make a slick addition to any ensemble, particularly when wearing a red American Apparel cape and tights.

The multi-coloured coat is brightened up by the use of this sensational yellow coloured satchel. I like the use of black/ grey woollen hat, sunglasses, skirt and sandals which subverts themselves to the fur coat and satchel- it leaves them being the centre of attention. The pose in front of the vibrant red display window seems fitting and appropriate. I wish I could go around town and dress in a similar manner, posing for street style photographs or just for snaps to be featured on my own blog. Too bad I don't know anyone with similar aspirations towards becoming a fashion blogger, but maybe I'll meet and talk with other people through my links with Secret Hipster.

What do I see there being shy and hiding within the back row of these lovely The Designer satchels made by none other than the wonderful Cambridge Satchel Company? Could it be a predominantly purple satchel with lovely contrasting yellow straps? Why on Earth can I not find anything like this on the Internet in all my searching for images of the bag? It would fit perfectly around with the local football club; their colours are the exact same shades of purple and yellow. Alas, I'm not dating a footballer and it's a little too late to tag along to those sorts of games.

Another sensational colour combination that is equally elusive is this velvet and patent leather beast! There are so many lovely satchels that have been discontinued as well as others being made as Limited Edition stock which I am clamoring to get my filthy mitts on. I'm just a poor girl, nobody loves me; I'm just a poor girl from a poor family spare me my life of this monstrosity. The monstrosity of not being able to get all the lovely bags and things my heart desires that is.

I'm sure the future holds many shiny, bright, exciting and youthful possibilities for the Cambridge Satchel Company and I look forward to lusting after many of their new and exciting collaborations, designs as well as other products such as their storage trunks and school badges. Maybe even in the not-too-distant future I will even own my own satchel from the British company but knowing my penny-pinching ways I will most likely be searching high and low for discount bargains on the Internet as my source. I hope I've given you all something to think about and something to aspire towards owning.

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  1. where to buy the olive green cambridge satchel and the sweater coat? and what size is the satchel! love your blog