Saturday, December 31, 2011

The Cambridge Satchel Company: The Classic

For those of us who adore pieces that can be used to brighten up any ensemble with the use of a clever colour blocking satchel, look no further than the classic coloured range from none other than the Cambridge Satchel Company. The Classic satchels from the British company which first started in 2008 by Julie Deane and her mother Freda Thomasare probably what they had in mind when they began. The satchels had been intended to be used by school children but had greater acclaim and favour with fashion bloggers. Brightly coloured and mismatching satchels with outfits using traditional shades of black and white instantly add pop and increase a person's notoriety. They come in a range of sizes starting at just ten inches and the greatest sizes reaching fifteen inches as well as colour combinations. From The Classic there are shades of black, brown, purple, yellow, red pink, green and navy.

My favourites from this collection include bright and bold fire engine red, poisonous looking purple that would be favoured by any respectable Disney villain and vintage (brown) which looks so cute when teamed up with a leather belt and a vintage dress. I find that as long as you wear your bag with confidence and a smile it doesn't matter whether it matches your outfit or not, it's all about looking like a lot of fun as well as charming with schoolyard style.

The pattern of the dress shown which incorporates random splotches of colour here and there as well as the bright red cardigan would traditionally be more suited towards a red satchel but I quite like the look of the purple bag. It adds colour to the outfit and creates an interesting contrast. I try to mix things up by wearing clashing patterns together but am often hampered by my mother and her taste in clothing. Her impeding on my sense of individuality when I am now at the age of eighteen and entering university is sure to get on my nerves far too much one day.

I was recently inspired by this photograph to finally pluck up the courage and by myself a Deadly Ponies Mr Lure hand bag charm which imitates a fox tail but is in fact made of wool. At first I was inclined to get the black fluffy charm as it would match many more bags in my arsenal but at the last minute bought the bright blue variation in a shade named 'Peacock'. I'm not sure whether it was my order alone, but that shade is now sold out. However, it means I wouldn't be buying a bright orange satchel anytime soon. Under no circumstances will bright blue and orange meet together and look charming.
The matching shoes and deep red satchel worn with knee high socks and an overall dress is definitely taking inspiration from the school days of old, but I can't help but feel that maybe lipstick in that same red colour would have rounded off the look a little better and made the overall effect more mature rather than overly playful. The clips on the side of the hair and braids on either side are a bit much, especially when sporting a look of short and cut locks.

That is one happy customer surrounded by what appears to be her adopted children made entirely of the Cambridge Satchel Company bags in a range of shades and sizes. While having just one satchel can work well considering their bright nature and the charming way they add colour to an ensemble, for some people, one is not enough and with limited editions collections and colours as well as collaboration pieces with Asos, one can not be too stingy when ordering satchels. If you'd like to think otherwise, perhaps she owns just one and the rest are presents for friends and family.

I love the street stalker style photographs of shoppers and their satchels. The tassel loafers, cinched waist of the dress, Peter Pan collar and satchel are channeling the vintage look successfully. My only criticism lies in her wooden doll pose as well as the shape of her sunglasses, but aside from the nit-picking everything about this photograph as well as the mood it evokes is perfection.

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