Friday, December 2, 2011

Bow Wow

Bows are one of my favourite girly things by far- they’re both a recognisable shape but also a classic part of design and have been used in dresses for hundreds of years. Since they can be used in different ways you can achieve a school-girl-charm effect, or for a more alluring effect they can be the back detail on a dress (as seen above). They’re easy to make, large or small and I really like to wear them in my hair too whether their tied around a ponytail or plait by a ribbon or made from felt like the big pink one. I bought a dress from Stole Girlfriends Club which had a tartan bow as a feature on the back, which I then copied to create my own. I did it as a break from study but since I’m not free from the stresses of my final year of high school as well as exams, I may make some more bows to pick and choose from as I go to work or just to look nice when I go into the city.
I remember at my formal this year the great numbers of bow ties adorned by the boys in my year level as well as the vests underneath their jackets. I felt particularly proud of the bow ties since I am a great Doctor Who fan and I am completely taken with Matt Smith who has had the great privilege (though it is well deserved) to become the 11th Doctor. Unisex style for both boys and girls, bows have such a great versatility for formal events at night or just casual events during the day. I think as the years go on, boys are becoming more and more fashion conscience- in the right direction as well. Not that I’m complaining mind you since they all look like such little, spiffy cutie-pies.
I wouldn’t mind having this piece of work become a part of my bedroom, there’s no real organisation of the sizes and width of the bows. I sort of like that, but I do wonder what this framed wall piece would look like as the bow size start from their greatest size and decrease to the smallest little bows. Ironically, it sort of reminds me of Pokémon contests and ribbons as well. I supposed if I can’t wear a cool bow tie with a cute little suit I would collect them on the wall as a piece of artwork.
The model looks like a little girls’ dolly covered in the cream covered bows and wide hips and structure of the dress. It must be the cute little dots of make up just under her eyes and the delicate application of blush make up. Gently toying and undoing the bow on her shoulders as well as the sweeping fringe over one eye reminds me of another photograph already posted. Subversive and dark mood mixed with sweet lovely girly style of clothing and grace.
I don’t even mind that I have finished my final year of school- I would love to own a pair of Doc Martens in black and wear them with white or nude frilly socks. If I had managed to find the right material from maybe a second-hand such as a sheer material then I would be able to make some of my own socks of this style pictured above. I probably won’t have the bravado nor the skills to do such a thing. I might just change the date of birth for the American Apparel website and then get 25% off my order. Then buy a few socks especially red since I will have to wear some shocking Christmas and festive shirts for work soon. I just love getting into the Christmas spirit and infecting as many shoppers with the holiday spirit.

I would be able to muster and summon enough guts and crafty wits to create a bow of this size to recreate a lovely photograph such as this. It must be those lovely alluring eyes of hers that are really drawing me in as well as the black and white effects of the photograph. My Photoshop I have downloaded from the Internet isn’t as great as I’d hope, since I have to create print screens of what I do which reduces the quality. Maybe over the holidays I will be able to buy myself the real thing and then rework as well as edit my photographs. Possibly motivate myself a little more to create arts and crafts in order to take some good photographs that are arty.

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