Saturday, December 24, 2011

Black and White

Strange that on Christmas Eve I find myself posting about dark magic, naked occult girls with all her bits showing in black and white... but well there you go life's a bit like that and I'm that way inclined after finding some vintage pieces of clothing online as well as mooning over a gorgeous cow skull necklace I keep droning on and on about.

It would be lovely if I had all my money lined up after working for some twenty-something hours since my last pay check came in and the biggest sale on the Australian calender is closing in on us quite quickly in just one day really. Instead of mooning over things I can't afford instead I'm looking at the dark magic rituals of naked witches on heaths on a full moon night and that kind of rubbish? Some of the rubbish that's been tickling my fancy within the last week or so has been absolutely atrocious but maybe I'm just evolving into something obscure and dark myself. On another note- according to Facebook my American Indian name is 'Good Witch' and all I could think of was the delight that I had indeed managed to become either Tiffany Aching from a Terry Prachett novel or the famous Hermione Granger in the flesh. That was a very good day indeed.

It's only just the middle of Summer and I wish I could get away with wearing knee high socks and my now-very-dusty Doc Marten boots. You just can't have it all but I'd love to be able to break out those bad boys and wear them with say, a nice long black dress and maybe a jumper or knitted vest over the top and have some lovely boots under it all... although have managed to find some light and nimble footwear I would be happy to wear while braving the heat of Australia... not as durable as a reliable pair of Docs but we will see and time will tell what's in store for me.

A hap-hazard tendency of mine is to sleep with as little clothes as possible while under a doona cover during Summer... I resemble the first photograph of a head-to-toe, bona fide naked witch performing ancient rites rather than a punk being able to wear ripped tights. I am very much so a creature of the cold rather than someone who enjoys the scorching sun and heat of the beach... perhaps I am bound towards becoming a witch. Just yesterday I remanded to know from a fellow co-worker what her 'local' market was in order to be able to find a ripped and loose shirt featuring a wolf. What is it about the occult that keeps drawing me in? It's now Christmas where I am and I cannot get it out of my mind, still want to burn my candles while the ying to my yang, my sweet boyfriend is at midnight mass with his family and grandmother... strangely enough people think that I'm the sweet one and he's a bad influence on me. I really do beg to differ at this point.

It's only a matter of some few months before I am able to wear tights again and free my poor feet from the sweaty confines of sneakers and thin ballet flats but till then I'd like to continue mooning over and daydreaming about girls holding hands around Ouija boards with lots of glorious candles wearing black lipstick. Being someone with brown hair and near black hair maybe wearing black lipstick wouldn't exactly suit me but it'd be something I'd be interested in trying when taking pride within my own appearance. As of late I cannot be assed wearing lipstick to work and I cannot think of a worse idea than to wear it out on a date with my boyfriend... so I'm really left with little occasions to wear it at all then.

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