Monday, December 19, 2011

Baby, it's Magic

Being alone in the house for much of the day means I can burn candles in my room to make it smell good, waste away much of the day on blogging sites and type and write to my heart's content. If I had any sort of real motivation I would clean my room and make it look nice and tidy as well while listening to music but due to my slight OCD tendencies I feel I need to get through a whole lot of tabs open in my Internet browser. Still, it'd be nice to make my room a nice, clean space where I can practice music again and somewhere I enjoy relaxing rather than just a place where I sleep and study. Goodness knows I need a place where I can actually use my tripod for photography, too bad I lack the motivation to decorate my room with picture frames and photographs with candles and cut-out from Vogue magazine on the walls.

At the moment my occult admiration and behaviour has only lead me as far as candle burning, I haven't yet given myself some biro tattoos yet, although that may be the next step or wearing a lot of lace and black. At a sort of hippy store I saw a plethora of white festival dresses and I felt drawn to them, only the store was closed at the time. I should be careful not to become such a lover of magical things but it's rousing my interest and all the novels I'm reading at the moment have to do with witches and wizards! I'm a big lover of science fiction and fantasy, I make no secret of that. Maybe soon it will be reflected in my personal style, I have my eye on some zodiac medallions even if they're not my astrological sign as well as ear wraps featuring dragons. This strange mood has either evolved from boredom, or suppressing all interest in things mythological and cosmic for the last year or so.

My next purchase at work after my next pay comes through will be a wooden hand model which I can put my rings on when I'm not wearing them- it may also be fun to take some different photographs of the different ring combinations I wear day to day. This photograph is magnificent, I love the contrast of the red-orange lighting as well as the sleek black plastic hand and thick silver rings. I spy some shaped in a pyramid stud, large shield motifs and an Egyptians style ankh. There are some great stores that have that sort of Egyptian styled ring but I can do better to search on eBay rather than pay their ridiculous marked up prices.

One of the activities I was most looking forward to while away on schoolies was to play around with sparklers in the backyard and take photographs. Alas, we missed our opportunity and that never happened. Probably due to our reluctance to play around with matches more than we needed to but I still can't shake the fact I missed an opportunity to imitate a photograph in this vain and style with bright stark light against a dark and foreboding background.

The best effect filtered and added on to a photograph is the speckled sort of fairy dust effect that imitates the stars speckling over the black night's sky. If I was to ever invest in Photoshop it may be for a purpose such as this or to digitally change the colour of my hair and have a tentative guess at what the results may be if I were to do it for real. The long trailing skirt made of a silken material as well as the black velvet top with puffed shoulders and a  bejewelled neckline goes so well with the pink pastel mass of curls on the models head and the natural setting. This is how a modern, 21st century fairy should look- bewitchingly beautiful with a fantastic melding of colours and a long trailing midnight blue skirt. I bet American Apparel manufacture a dress of a similar bright cobalt blue colour.

The final bit of whimsy, teenage mysticism that I'm caught up in is the simple combination of messy bedraggled hair and white, whether that be cropped and loose jersey white singlets or some of the festival inspired and light white dresses I spied the other day. I usually avoid white things especially when I'm out and about say in the city where I'll end up sitting on the ground at one point, but at the moment I'm lured in by the clean, pure colour of white. The contrast of the soft streaked sky and clouds as well as the bony arms in the air completes this photograph.

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