Monday, December 26, 2011

Artistic make up

The more the fashion world expands and make up is continually done and redone, the more creative minds choose to push the envelope and expand their artistic boundaries by bringing to the world the new, the weird and the wonderful. These three photographs are the embodiment of that progression of ideas and the way designers are becoming visionaries, blurring the lines between what is art and what is fashion and melding the two ideas together into unison.

This mosaic mirror effect transforms the human face into what more closely resembles a disco ball and heightens the angular structure of the jaw line as well as nose bridge. The hipster hair cut that's half shaved off makes a bit of an odd contrast as well as the tan, naked half of the model but the plain white wall behind what looks to be a sad and morose figure seems fitting. I can't imagine any person in the world, let alone a man that would enjoy having glass glued to his face in the name of photography to look new and edgy.

The combination of pink nails, matching lipstick as well as the curious fringing effect makes my dying to redo my nails or better yet, get a proper manicure to take care of my nails. I have a box of nail stickers from Sally Hansen from my birthday in sparkly blue/ silver I've been waiting to break out but I have nothing really special coming up on the calender other than waiting for my pay check to come through.

Like the second photograph, the use of chain fringing mimics something you'd expect to see on a lampshade inside a spinster's apartment. I was originally trying to find photographs that looked like trailing beads off of lamps and then decided it was too hard. No- the main development in the fashion world beside the new structures and emerging materials from fresh new faces is also the presentation of models and growing important of make up used to make an impact on a crowd and really burn into their memories a fashion collection.

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