Sunday, December 25, 2011

Ann Demeulemeester and Comme des Garcons

I have had my eye on a few goodies from an online store that sell some of the biggest and best names in the fashion industry such as the Ann Demeulemeester black jersey dress featuring the black and white mystical moon and the Comme des Garcons velvet red blazer and creeper brogues. All the pieces are second hand and at a fraction of their original value but with hardly any wear and tear and their owners often having only used them once or twice within their lives so far. I've had my eyes on the brogue creepers for a while with their chunky platform heel as well as the transparent plastic on the sides, and I like the styling with the Comme des Garcons blazer and the black socks. I've always thought that the burgundy American Apparel socks would create a more interesting effect with those shoes though.

I love the loose and casual look of this dress by Ann Demeulemeester, although I'm not familiar with a lot of her other work I do know that lately I've been attracted to and drawn in by the occult and magical and lusted after a cut out, pre-stressed jersey shirt of a wolf on it. I love wearing things with extra long sleeves as well, being able to snuggle inside the clothing and hiding my hands in them. The black and white print is very suited to the mood evoked by the chosen print; what with the moon as well as the low hanging cloud and radar dish in the horizon of the photograph chosen for this long and lazy dress.

I love the modern twist on thick and chunky brogues used to instantly add to a girl's height with stability. At first I didn't immediately take to the opaque but transparent materials used by replacing a white leather section but it just adds to the updated nature and new take on a tried and true classic which is also traditionally a shoe worn by men. Within recent months I've seen a lot of variation on brogues, winkle pickers and vintage looking shoes and own a pair myself made by Vans in all leather body. I love the trend, I'm aching to see more of it. All I can really say is keep them coming because I'll keep on lapping it up.

I also really admire the use of luxurious velvet; mostly all I can afford being a student is vintage pieces but this jacket by Comme des Garcons is really something! I could never really justify the expenditure on a piece such as this, but it would be nice to wear something like it for a University graduation as well as a nice black dress or something. Right now everything is early days and I'm still yet to be accepted into a university so let's just scrap that idea for now shall we? Even when rolled up and getting to see the lining of the jacket sleeves it looks so glorious, a cheerier red interior makes the outside red velvet seem even darker by comparison.

The red velvet jacket reminds me of something actor David Tennant wore on his appearance for a Christmas edition of the quiz show QI, and with a little brooch of holy this would certainly dress the jacket up to the festive season. This photograph from the back shows the careful structure and the way the material simply drapes around the body, it'd be great with a plain black of white dress as shown above with a cute pleated mini skirt in a leather material. It's fun, bright and rare and I would feel honoured to be able to buy such a great piece of clothing but I must resist and manage my funds more carefully from now on. That just takes all the fun out of shopping and browsing online doesn't it?

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  1. you're gorgeous and have fantastic style.thanks for sharing!:D