Saturday, December 24, 2011

All I Want For Christmas

One thing I would never turn down should it appear in my Christmas stocking are thick rings made of precious metals such as the ones pictured in this post. The first reminds me a lot of the Globetrotter range by Matina Amanita which called upon buildings and cities from all over the world to inspire their collection. I do quite like the cluster of buildings in yellow gold and rose gold, my top three favourites being the middle and right ring in the top row and the left ring in the bottom row. Russian architecture immortalised in a ring is just so great, I love the enamel and swirling effect. If I were to ever to Russia it would be a photography expedition to enjoy their buildings and their unique structure.

Another design I love when incorporated into ring design is the use of studs- it's not often you see it at all and when it's done well with precious metals the alarm bells go off in my head telling me I must get it. The best brands I know of to get studded rings are New Zealand label Stolen Girlfriends Club as well as Meadowlark; if you're still having problems in your hunt then the best description I can give is to search for pyramid rings rather than stud rings. There can either be pointed and dangerous looking rings or the softened continuous string of studs around the band of a silver ring. It'd be great if I could spoil myself in some of this tough and dark, gritty jewellery but I have an overseas trip to save for.

I love the use of big chunks of raw crystal held in a claw, so by that logic I must therefore have a great adoration for this gold coloured piece and it's rugged. What I love so much about gemstones that are rough cut and look a bit like three-dimensional shattered glass and how the chipped texture really catches the light well and shows off the colour of the crystal material used. It doesn't really matter that the precious metal used for the base and claw of the ring isn't matching gold- in fact if they had chosen to use gold metal for a gold coloured piece of quartz gemstone then it wouldn't have the same sort of impact and gravitas to it. Might even be considered over-kill. No no, this piece is perfect as it is and I love the way it's been crafted, although when trying to braid your hair and you want to wear a ring like this it is recommended you remove it before doing anything involving thin strands of fibres.

As well as rough shaped pieces of geode and quartz clinging together in stalagmites the rough shape and unique sculpting of the precious metal bases also gives it a lovely astrological but home-made look to them. I'd love to get my hands on some rings like these, or better yet find the person who created them because the use of citrine quartz and what looks to be sterling silver as well as rose quartz clusters on a yellow/rose gold metal ring is simply breath-taking. Hard to find in store or online, you are best to search high and low in markets as well as in boutique hippy stores for this sort of thing. Even then it would be difficult to track down. Some of the best things in life are the most elusive and the joy is in the thrill of the hunt rather than hanging that stuffed deer over your mantelpiece.

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