Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Alexa Chung for Madewell: Sketched Shirts

Alexa Chung pictured wearing one of her collaboration t-shirts for Madewell featuing a vampire bat and the slogan hello- original drawing penned out by popular British model, DJ and television presented Chung herself. Some of the more "price accessible" pieces of Alexa Chung's collaboration include many more sketches perpetrated and illustarted and then printed on to shirts, both long and short sleeved as well as some small make-up pouches.

I've had my eye on a few of the shirts, and while they are on the cheaped end of the colletion's spectrum it would be well worth getting your hand's on anything affiliated with the style icon Alexa Chung. That- and the fact that while the shirts are basics, they can be layered and worn with versatility depending on the season. With a large coat, boots and jeans for winter or some ripped up vintage denim shorts for a scorcher of an Australian Summer.

There's a long sleeved shirt of the same illustration I hope to get at auction. The floral wreath over the head, veil as well as the lines of the eyelashes illustrate the perfect disgruntled bride-to-be. The coin and make-up pouched from the collection are made of a canvas like material and adorned in extracts from Alexa Chung's personal skecth book.

The sketches vary from animals (bats and bears_ to scrawlings of skulls and disgruntled looking women. When I was a young child I had a great love for drawing and creating things and had always secretly hoped that I would hone my skills to something of CHung's artistic and unique style. Alas, education and learning stood in my way of becoming a gypsy and drawing on the sidewalk in chalk for charity... maybe it is better that education had stood in my way.

The collaboration first launched on the 22nd of September 2011 and was her second collection for the American brand, Madewell. Her first collaboration with the US label was a runway success- which may be attributed to the ease it gave it's clients to access and imittae Alexa's signature style which as been described as "tombyo meets vintage-wearing-school-girl". It was the source of much fashion hype and many of the popular pieces sold out online- now only available on eBay and held for ransom at largely marked-up prices. These pieces include fury ankle boots, palm tree printed pyjamas and collared dresses. Luckily the sketch shirts haven't suffered too much of a mark-up but there may be some fierce competition in claiming ownership of the much coveted pieces.

The collection combines the best of Madewell's effortlessly cool pieces as well as Alexa Chung's vintage inspired wardrobe such as collared dresses as well as her sketches printed and immortlaised on cotton shirts.

Other pieces within the collection have been spotted on celebrities such as Elle Fanning in a sweet lace dress, Kate Bosworth and Alexa herself; all snapped up pieces the day before their official launch. The perks of being a celebrity are many and great.

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