Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Abbey Lee the runway Queen

I really couldn't resist doing another post on model Abbey Lee Kershaw she's just so phenomenal and I do firmly believe that she is the next ambassador in the world of modelling from Australia. Some of her appearances for Vogue in Australia have been really breath-taking and embody what I believe a fashion editorial should be. There should be playful fantasy, wild colours as well as a gorgeous model that simply draws you in and makes you feel like you have spent your money well. For me, the March 2010 edition of Australian Vogue, which features Abbey's dip dyed hair in pink (shown below), is the pride of my Vogue magazine collection. It had such imagination and fancy about it, the tone and mood of the editorial was breath-taking and throughout future magazine there had been several extracts giving insight to Abbey Lee's personal style as well as her photo shoots.
She's got a body to kill for as well as fire and intensity in her eyes; I love the fuchsia pink lipstick as well as Abbey's trademark tooth gap hiding behind her lips. The eyeshadow effect is something I'd love to try, if the occasion called for it, with the blending of bright and vibrant colours used to accentuate one's eyes. The bright yellow extensions at the back of her hair as well as the brightly coloured make up seem to dominate the photograph but it goes well with the shape and striking design of the swimsuit in a nude colour.

She's graced four covers of Vogue in Australia so far and in the future I'm sure we can expect more great things to come from her. After all, she's only twenty-four and even though she's had two runway stumbles it doesn't seem to have affected her popularity and demand for representing fashion houses. She has a unique personal style that seems dark, but also down to earth and I love that about her. These photographs and magazine collages extracts from Vogue are from her earlier in her career before she dyed her hair peroxide blond. I prefer her this way, she seems to be more versatile without the white-blond hair and she looks great in the perfume campaign at the top right hand corner of this magazine extract and in the top left corner in which she seems to be a 1950s pin-up holding a rabbit.

I feel very proud to say that I do own the same page as this digital photocopy- I remember mainly because of the sequin fish coin purse in the corner being imprinted into my brain. I thought it unusual to have something like that In Vogue, but the focus of the page was while colours and patterns. I think it followed or was in the same magazine as the editorial of Abbey Lee with fantastic colours in her hair and geometric clothing. I had admired her work on and off for a while but her name was never thoroughly registered into my memory until recently. Now I'm happily remembering and reflecting on happier times when I first saw her earlier work and the old Abbey Lee with soft brown hair and those breath-taking eyes.

I wish I could do my eyeliner like this, I think I need something with a sharper tip but I've almost finished one mechanical pencil and I'll be moving on to about four others during the holidays as I prepare for working as a Christmas Casual. The way she casually drapes her hand next to her face on top of the piano perfectly shows off the many rings on her fingers. I wish I could see what they look like better in colour but I think the black and white editing of the photograph allows the eyeliner to really stand out as well as the texture and patterns on the rings on her fingers.

Even while sporting pink dyed ends in her softly ruffled hair as well as orange lipstick and a slick black bodysuit, Abbey Lee still has a soft and angelic expression about her face. I thought it so extraordinary to see dip-dyed hair appear in an edition of Vogue and many runway analysts didn't expect to see the trend to last as long as it has. I thought a while ago that it had been to late to be able to pursue the trend myself but I may try it for myself in the Summer holidays, depending on how I feel about myself and my esteem. It's always hard to know what the future holds but one thing I can guarantee is that Abbey Lee will continue to wow audiences at runway shows and will truly achieve Supermodel status during her career, in fact V magazine has already dubbed her with the coveted modelling crown.

For the Chanel runway show, Abbey Lee was styled with a fake fringe and silver streaks to match her silver beaded and futuristic on a chic Chanel jacket. The bouffant hairstyle as well as the floral bow on the top of her head could only be rocked by a model of Abbey Lee's class and status. Her cheekbones look so strong in this shot and there's no signs of bags under her eyes either. I can't say the same for myself- I look tired and terrible all the time. I'm still recovering from the sleepless and tired stupor that was exam preparation.

Although this little Vogue extract doesn't actually picture Abbey Lee I thought I'd throw it in as a freebie since there were already some geometric and brightly coloured pages of the fashion magazine thrown into the mix. It's in the same vain as my favourite editorial in which Abbey Lee stars in so it brings on some happy memories for me. I can't actually find those pages which I'm talking about and my father put our scanner on to the nature strip for hard rubbish collection. Thems

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