Sunday, December 11, 2011

Abbey Lee Kershaw : Platinum Blonde

Maybe one of the most iconic and freshest of modelling to represent Australia in recent months is Abbey Lee Kershaw. I remember when I first saw her in a Vogue editorial many months ago and how different she looked with a soft light brown hue in her hair but she still has the same deer-in-headlights look to her eyes as she did back then. In fact, in a few of the pictures she was shirtless and I saw her physique, that which could rival a Grecian statue. She sported a piercing on her nipple as well as her belly button and made me want both of them done as well (never did happen my mother will be pleased to know). She's come a long way in her career, she won the Australian 2004 Girlfriend Model Search, Girlfriend being a magazine aimed at teenagers and the model search has produced a number of models that have later gone on to grace the cover of Vogue Australia. Not just Abbey Lee, but other girls too as well as Miranda Kerr. That says something about the talent of young Australian women as models, don't you think?

As Abbey Lee's career has progressed with the momentum of an unstoppable steam train, so has her look. To complement her charming eyes and mouth she dyed her hair platinum blond a few months ago. I first noticed the repercussions of such a change in hair colour on Tumblr, the micro-blogging site in which one user argued that her new look was modern and a step forward. That user also argued that people who preferred her old hairstyle which seemed to be more beachy and in touch with nature were a bunch of bogans sitting around in Bintang singlets with no class. I myself prefer her old hair colour, there's a magnificent Vogue editorial in which Abbey Lee poses with surfer boys in the most magnificent and brightly coloured clothing and has her brown hair dip dyed in wild and fantastic colours. It remains one of my favourite editorials from any Vogue and sort of pays homage to Abbey's early days living by the beach in Sydney and her Australian routes. I like that, the sort of soft patriotism as well as the keen, athletic bodies of the boys of the surfing club in the editorial as well. It speaks volumes about the stereotypical Australian lifestyle. Then again, Abbey's new blond hue makes her skin tone seem to be even more iridescent and her eyes just seem to sparkle. It's always fun to compare the new with the old isn't it?

The black streak through her hair is perfectly executed, not a hair is out of place through that straight line which matches her eye make up. The contrast between the streak makes her blond hair seem white as snow and her hairline and make up seem to melt dreamily together.

This runway moment of magic highlights Abbey Lee's platinum blond hair as an attribute, not a hindrance. I love the outfit, almost like a tapestry extract from your grandmother's sitting room couch transferred onto a maxi skirt and cropped sweatshirt combination held together in the middle by tulle. The shimmer and sparkle given to the outfit by the means of sequins, beads and crystals in white makes Abbey Lee Kershaw a seeming angel, and a splendid seraph. Atop her head is a crown of blond hair and her face radiates quiet confidence and determination. I love this photograph, it makes me inspired by the work that models do and their whirlwind lifestyles.

Wine lipstick coupled with a lace, high necked dress that looks like it was Chinese inspired and a ravishing black hexagonal crystal? How does she do it, honestly ladies and gentlemen. The wisps of dyed blond hair just add to the lovely tint of her lips and the darkness of her style in contrast with the heavenly textured dress and her newly dyed hair. I like her incorporation of the wild coloured lipstick to the dress as well as the chained leather strap over her right shoulder, most likely Chanel, and the crystal necklace. I'm a sucker for necklaces of that kind and Abbey Lee has been seen wearing it a few occasions, suggesting that she has a soft spot for it to.

I love all the different shades of purple Abbey Lee wears in this photograph; there's the velvet of the jacket which creates a fantastic texture and the hexagonal crystal necklace. As you can see, she's worn the same pair of sunglasses twice, shading her blue eyes from the sun as well as the glare from camera flashes. I'm excited to see Abbey Lee's leaning tendency towards the same pieces styled differently as well as wearing only one pair of sunglasses in the season's hottest variation: circular  frames and lenses. It sort of suggests that although she does make a truck load of money representing brands such as Rodarte, Gucci, Fendi, Alexander McQueen, Chanel and Victoria Secret but she doesn't feel the need to own so many different pieces. She sticks to what she likes and is hopefully saving her money like a good girl; while still enjoying the model lifestyle.

The photograph editing into black and white really shows off the structure of Kersahw's face, the way her hair colour and skin tone seem to melt together in contrast to the sharp suit and hat she wears. Once again she draws you in with those eyes that even in black and white seem to radiate life and attract you, drawing you in almost magnetically.I like the way her fringe wisps just above her forehead; it's very fitting with the style of clothing she wears that seems modernised by the placement of her ear piercings just visible on the right. Almost as strong as her jaw line in the photograph are her lips, posed in a perfect pout. You can expect to see many great things from Abbey Lee, certainly in Australia where I hope to see her on the cover and inside the prestigious pages of Vogue magazine and perhaps she will grace other national editions of the acclaimed fashion magazine too. Only time can tell what will be in store in this exciting, and up-and-coming models career.

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