Thursday, November 24, 2011

Vintage Karl Lagerfeld

I've only ever seen this piece once, I didn't have the money to buy it and now it's gone. A vintage Karl Lagerfeld star shaped medallion with double chain of two lengths for an elegant drape down the neckline.I liked the rubbed off, sort of soft scratched look. The gold plating didn't appear to have been rubbed off from any of the edges and it was just so sweet. I think the photograph that most captured my imagination was the third with it actually shown on a sort of denim Peter Pan collar blouse. That really did it for me- the combination of elegance and vintage chic of a necklace designed by Karl Lagerfeld combined with an everyday shirt captured my imagination.
Ever since I spied this piece and had a good explore of the overseas goodies available on eBay, I admire the old school glamour of vintage Chanel and Karl Lagerfeld. The large movie-set style earrings and the choker style necklaces. There's a lovely sort of mystic star and moon brooch by Karl Lagerfeld I may get for myself for Christmas- it would look perfect under a deep blue sheer Peter Pan collar blouse or with a pussy bow blouse tie. 
I must admit, whenever I spy a piece I like to buy I fantasise about the places I would where it and the compliments I would be able to collect.I think how wearing the piece would become part of my daily routine and that it would become part of the normal and I would somehow begin to gain some class, grace and style. None of these things ever happen usually, if it doesn't work out it just kind of sits within my collection waiting to be worn maybe once a month. That is, when I was at school. During these school holidays since I have a part time job I have every intention to dress up within what the store offers and add my own style to it as well. They didn't say anything about our accessories, but they did want us to be dressed head to toe with their brand and represent them.

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