Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Teenage Dream

I have to admit, I am enjoying my rare little pink fetish at the moment as well as combing through all the photographs I've hoarded on all my drive space. I never realised what a kleptomaniac I can be when it comes to images from the Internet, but I really have become a massive hoarder! I say this with pride and dignity since I can finally collaborate them all together into smashing blog posts. Finally. The clear plastic and sort of near-future space trend does the messy hair and cat like eyeliner well. I dunno, I just really like this photo from the runway - the model as a lot of sass and it shows.
This is the wonderful torso of Alexa Chung, I have no idea who toke this but THANK YOU! Her dress is just so amazing and it's always the colour dress I wanted to wear to my school formal but destiny (aka Mum) stood in my way and always made me get mature colours such as deep purples and blacks.

At heart, I just really want to be a pretty princess and wear pink and be able to make bubbles using bubble gum and have pink nails. A secret I will keep deep buried in my heart and hold on to in the darkest of times.
This chair is perfect by the way, a velvet velour type of fabric? It kind of reminds me of the movie 'Up!' and the chair Elly has. If I had this in my room I would sit in it all day long and make it smell like my candle of cherry blossom and I'd sit around and read Alice In Wonderland in it all day long. It's that kind of chair you see?

If I were to ever make an amateur film I would have the villain with an eye patch and that would be the chair behind her big and intimidating desk. Yes, the villain would be a her and I think she would wear sheer blouses and leather skirts. And have a whip. Just to be weird and subversive and use her as a representation of myself and my secret love for pink girly things too.
I don't even hair that on closer inspection the hair she has is a possibly a wig (if it's her real hair that's even more spectacular and even better!). The uneven sort of jagged fringe and the way it sort of falls and frames her face and fans out... it really reminds me of cotton candy and sweet sugar. Her make up is perfect though, I really love pink wigs teamed up with hot red lipstick. Her veil is super cute too, I really want to be able to find a good garland for my hair over Summer and wear it everyday to work. I can never find them on eBay and alas, I am too lazy to get myself to op shops to search. I think I would have better luck searching around a folk market or at a music festival maybe.
Denni from the ChicMuse toting an amazing bright pink wig. I am contemplating dip dyeing my ends (contemplating a second time) with the idea that I'll get red done first but then do pink and lie to my parents that the colour is fading and I don't have enough time to redo it again. Capiche? I really want to be a girly girl and a bit like My Little Pony secretly.
I have no idea who this girl is but I have seen her face a few times when I have been searching around aimlessly on Tumblr and I think I might be in love with her. Or I really, really, really want to become her. One or the other. Maybe even both. It'd be great if someone could tell me who she is if she's someone famous or a model. With those perfectly primed and arched eyebrows and blue eyes (I'm a sucker for blue eyes) she could easily be a successful model but maybe not versatile. But who cares? Her hair is amazing and perfect and the light falls on it and there's so much colour it's amazing. Really digging the idea of pink hair at the moment, hopefully it doesn't last and I can convince myself out of reaching for the bottle.

I do have a little "arrangement" with myself as it were for the moment, I am going to buy some hair care products (7 minute miracle treatment work?) and get some conditioner and shampoo to get my hair to grow longer. I love my long hair better than I have liked colouring because each and every time I have been to get it done I have hated it and haven't been able to complain out of politeness. So if I do it myself or just avoid the urge then it will all be fine. But now that my hair is well and truly mermaid length, I want it to be one better and get to my hips. Then get it dip dyed. Then cute it off if my parents hate it and I have split ends.

If you have pink hair, or think I should or shouldn't, tell me!

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