Thursday, November 24, 2011

Love Cats

I'm loving the red eye shadow underneath the piercing blue eyes, and I would like to try it for myself but I don't have a complexion like hers and my eyes are brown (curses and drat).
Maybe it's fake eyelashes applied to the bottom lashes? That'd be cool. I like the hunched over posture, the jangly one earring and the soft focus of the street. All black of course is very appropriate for the mood and atmosphere of the photograph. Her pose in this photograph is perfect with her torn and laddered tights. And that cat has a look of indifference, as most cats do have.

I've never had a cat of my own but when I was a kid I loved walking home from the bus stop and stopping to pat a cat that lived close to a kindergarten. Pretty sure that cat is dead because I haven't seen it for years but it was a lovely good natured cat that lapped up all the attention from the kindergarten kids and was snow white. It had blue eyes as well, so I guess that it was probably deaf in it's old age. That's what happens to white cats with blue eyes, so I have read.
This mask, as simple as it is, makes a sort of a bold impact with the strong structure in contrast to golden looks and blue eyes. The perfect Aryan if you believe in such a thing. Not that I condone what Hitler did or anything, he was a monster.

All the dreams in which I thought I had a cat or I owned a cat ended up with them being treated exactly like how I used to look after my rabbits, I fed them rabbit food with milk in my dreams and I woke up with the unpleasant realisation that for someone who aspires to become a veterinarian- I have no idea how to look after a cat. But I did once read an entire cat encyclopedia from the library once. Cover to end. My favourite types of cats are Maine Coon, Scottish Fold, Tortoiseshell Tabby and the one with a fat lip. I don't know what the last one is called, it's sort of the British Bulldog of the cat world I guess.

Cats always manage to look so good in photographs. Devil-may-care attitude mixed in with sass and childish playfulness. Wrapped in fur and armed with retractable claws for a surprise attack, should the occasion ever arise. Yeah that's a cat.

When I went to America, my host family had two cats. They were just pleased I wasn't allergic. They were both my friends and I was the only one who seemed to pay any attention to them at all. In return for me patting them and being nice to them the curled up on my mattress on the floor when I had gotten into bed and keep my feet warm. But that also meant that I couldn't turn and toss in my sleep. Maybe just as well. The blankets would have become even messier. But I always like to toss and turn in my sleep. Future husbands and boyfriend of mine should beware of my selfish sleeping habits. I may for all I know turn into an Indian Deity and slap them around when I'm asleep and snore as loud as a train and shake the windows. Men- beware.

I love cats when they look grouchy- their face lends really well to it. Arched eyes, paws at the ready to give out a warning scratch... When I did work experience at a veterinary clinic there was a cute little kitten in just to get worming pills or pills for something owned by a woman in her like mid forties of early fifties. It was such a tiny thing, but it was full of zest for life, and thirsty for blood. It took a five minute struggle and multiple scratches on the pew owner for the view to realise that what's known as a 'pill popper' (like a syringe for animals used to force them to take pills) was needed. I personally think that the vet did this on purpose just to see the kitten maim their owner. Either that, or they hadn't had their coffee yet and weren't at their brightest. Cats can be misleading and cute but secretly their very grouchy and are just waiting for the perfect moment to tear the skin off your hand.

Cat's have become part of the typical hipster sensibility and trend. Maybe it's because their ears are triangles and triangles are hipsters. Or perhaps the fact that they are associated with ugly loners and that's kind of cool too.
Then again, cats have a long history with the occult: dark magic and Ancient Egyptians. Guardians of the after life and feared by that sick and twisted decomposing corpse known as 'The Mummy". Witches, sorcery... Harry Potter. Yes sir, cats have long been the domesticated skilled hunters and alluring dark animals. That and owls, but cats are just a bit more popular. At the moment (that is until we finally master the art of suing owls to deliver mail).

If I could only specialise within one species of animal it would probably be the monarch of the animal kingdom- the lion. I love looking at them lazing around at the zoo and the gorgeous colours and matted manes. The powerful and athletic bodies going to waste and the majestic broad faces. I'd be so happy to become a vet and work with lions and big cats. Can you imagine the opportunities that lie in wait for me if I can achieve my goals?

Diana camera covered in an even coating of matte red paint, adorned with cats with pearl or diamante eyes? Who did this and made a camera into such a piece of amazing but slightly devilish and satanic art?
I love the brightness and wide eyes and the puffed out fur of this little cutie- it seems to be silently guilty of some crime. Perhaps indulging in some catnip or making a mess of your brand new carpet? It's all in the eyes and the frozen unnatural pose of the body that suggest such a heinous crime and evil despicable kitty shenanigans. I wonder if it's even a real cat of it's been stuffed because I've never seen such naturally bright green eyes in that colour on cat. And the shape of the pupils seems too slitted and dilated in that light. But then again, what would I know? I dream about feeding cats rabbit food mixed with milk. Shows how much I know.

Argh matey. I be yer' first mate and your best friend for me entire life. All I ask in return, is that you scratch my belly and feed me fish sticks. Yargh.
I love the cat in this photograph, the way the wears look far to big for his cute little head and the amused expression on his face. The washed out marks on the back of her hand, a blouse that reminds me an awful lot of a pillow case cover owned by my mother and a lapel pin on the Peter pan collar. The background reminds me of tourist places in America which makes me think that this little cat is carried around everywhere and would be happy to hide in a backpack. I love that sort of fantasy and the cultivation of animal behaviour and modern human society.
Calvin Harris mockery in illustration and cartoon form involving cats. Why is this so funny and relevant?

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