Friday, November 25, 2011

Hairy Situation: Cool it!

I love the cute little piercing across her ear at the top, the bar one. Everything about this photograph is amazing, her profile is just so delicate and feminine but the piercings and blue hair suggests a toughness and a willingness to put up with pain. Her fly aways are also gorgeous and the sort of green tint at the roots of her hair. I think the most interesting people are the ones that are completely beautiful and stunning but they choose to get piercings and dye their hair great colours. Their is intrigue and mystery within that.
The morose expression and the edge of the collar of her top is my favourite. I'm guessing that her hair was once a brighter colour and also blue and the in between colour of the sea is an after effect. I very much doubt I would have the self-discipline to be able to maintain a full head of colour of say pink or blue hair since I know I can become very lazy with my appearance and may even forget altogether that I need to re-do it every now and then. Maybe that's what's great and popular about dip dye ends other than the fact how different it is and how your hair can escape total damage. You don't have to redo it that often and not use a whole bottle of hair dye.
When you have dip dyed hair and wear all black clothes and Doc Martens, you still seem to be so bright and to shine with dip dyed hair. I like the bright colour and her hair still looks soft and not dry. I could really go for that look, since a lot of my things within my wardrobe are black just because I prefer the shade as opposed to a specific colour when it comes to clothing. Purely accidental and not intentional. Sometimes people make remarks that I am wearing all black clothes but maybe if I had dip dyed ends I would look less like a punk and more like a hipster?
Beauty in motion. I love the contrast of her skin tone against her dip dyed ends and the framing of her face by her natural hair colour. That's what I like about dip dyeing - it's just that little bit rare huh but you can also see some contrast of natural beauty. Also, you don't have to really deal with the fact that your eyebrows don't match your hair colour since they will and you'll still have fantastic colour. Clever, ey? I really wish I could pull off a photograph like this, her neck and body and shoulders seem so naturally posed but her hair is flying up with an updraft from the wind. I'm really interested in how to create something like this myself.
Although you don't often see green dip dyed hair, this photograph and the mood created complements it so well. The green dip dyed hair is the icing on the cake, it's not bright but noticeable. Middle parts and long hair with dip dyed hair just looks so rad, I really love it and admire anyone able to pull it off with so much sass. Darkening over the eyes and what looks like worn off black lipstick in a graveyard wearing all black is fantastic.
Photograph care of Chanelle Leslie Photography (she runs a mean blog too!)

You don't often see dyed ends with that much length and magnitude in terms of colour, maybe even the longest and therefore bluest Dip-dye I've seen? Her hair is already oh so long and her ends aren't bad at all which makes me feel even more jealous since that means she probably got a hair cute before she got it dyed. This is the sort of look I think I'd go for, maybe with less colour but the same length and without a front fringe. Just long hair and a middle part with maybe some pink or purple.
I really love the mixture of colours and the different shades created. Like a sassy, gorgeous My Little Pony but only better.
This is perfect- the mixture and swirling dyed hair in a bun and that shirt. I like how cooler colours have been used in contrast to the black lipstick and her pale skin tone. It makes it all so much brighter, magnificent and eye-catching. He fringe looks really good too, sort of blow dried into a puff shape and her shiny hair lets the colours really stand out. I must wonder though, what would her parents think? If they already weren't that way inclined...
Amazing colour and length as well as a soft woolly jumper in dark blue. There's another photograph floating around at the moment of a combination of black her with blue dye and the girl is holding (one of my favourites), the Diana camera. So from what I've seen from these two photographs about the combination of black hair with blue dye, it's such an incredible look although a lot of the photographs from this post include blonds wearing a cool coloured dye, there's something to be said about the contrast of the deepest black and a bright blue.
As lovely as
My Dad had one of the most metaphorically violent and explosive reactions I've ever gotten from him when I asked when I was ion Year 8, aged like fourteen or fifteen if I could dye part of my hair blue. He went on and raved how someone from his work had blue hair and how he was a druggie and a whole bunch of other shit. Sometimes they way he would say things and profusely reject my proposal, it was if I had already known all of that information and I had purposefully chosen to ask him to wind him up. Of course I was oblivious to the fact that there was a blue hair druggie at his work. But this is the reason I can never have a good relationship with my dad and dye any part of my hair blue, hence I am thinking of dip dyeing the ends a deep red and letting them fade of gradually dying them myself till they get pink. Then lie and merely say the dye had faded and I'm stuck with pink hair. Still though, I really like the way blue hair looks dip dyed, especially with black hair. But my hair isn't black, it's the deepest shade of brown often mistaken for black by ignorant and lazy sighted people.


  1. Hi there! I noticed you posted my photo here - it's the 11th from the bottom. I'm glad you like my photography! I just have one favour to ask, and that is could you please credit it to Chanelle Leslie and link it to my blog According to international copyright laws, it's only legal :) Cheers! Chanelle x

  2. Hey I've done as you wished and I also followed your blog since I like your work so much; please just check that I've created the link to the right image? Thanks.

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