Thursday, November 10, 2011

Gold and Crystal

My weird little occult mood (probably induced from weird exam stress) has left me with the urge to paint my nails black, wear a lot of gold and worship the sun.
 Maybe not worship the sun as much as revel in it and take some lovely Summer themed photographs in the sun. Small ISO speed films.
Bit if opposition going on in my mind... I long for the warmth and sting of golden rays but I want to wear black nails with druzy and raw crystals. There's a lovely amount of druzy raw crystal rimmed with sterling silver available in some stores that I have my eye on. I might bag myself some treasure once all is said and done exam wise and I have nothing left to do but to work my butt off, promote blogs on Tumblr and keep posting things and hopefully begin to lead an exciting life. Cannot wait to have a job during Summer. I need something that forces me to have contact with people, otherwise I become really lazy with personal grooming whereas if I have a job in retail then I have something to look forward to and will preen myself. Also being able to use a 50% discount on spend clothes, shoes and stationary will also give me time to actually prepare outfits. With a hipster sort of spin on them...

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