Friday, November 25, 2011

Cory Child- Edition X

This long necklace by Cory Child is part of her Wild Roses series. Employing an origami technique with fabric, she has created an beautiful pendant on sterling silver chain evocative of a flower. - Edition X
Handmade with love by Cory Hartono, she started to make her little keepsake treasures and thread them on silver chains in 2010. I've never seen anything like it really, it is unusual to see something like cloth folded in this manner and used as jewellery due to the limited life, staining etc. that is associated with cloth made materials and keepsakes. The flowers are just so sweet though, I adore them. She makes headpieces as well as necklaces for those interested in the races of looking for something with more intrigue and mystique in their life.

Probably the photograph that made me really interested in this label was the one just above. I loved the combination of the origami necklaces piled one into the other and the contrast of their brightness and colour against a clean, crisp, white shirt. Maybe it's the way the cuffs of the shirt have such texture and compliment the structure and folding of the necklaces. Maybe it's the light sun and the beautiful, carefree smile of the model.

Available here at Edition X Jewels.

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