Monday, November 7, 2011

A Chic Inspiration

I really admire Denni from the Chicmuse- I think I admire anyone who is able to travel as freely as she does and attend fashion nights around the globe. Strolling into boutiques such as Givenchy and being able to choose what she pleases. She has a really strong sense of style, she inspired me to vigorously use eyeliner and also the photographs taken for her blog are beautiful and really well put together. She mixes things up with brands affordable to people like me as well as fashion houses such as Givenchy and Prada. Her hair length in a long gorgeous dark brown/black reminds me how beautiful natural and long hair looks. I guess in a few different aspects I immitate her style in the hope that I too can become a fashion blogger ie. someone who is given clothes to style and becomes a fashion consumer by trade.

She's also a model for American Apparel; and some of her shots for the Halloween camaign by AA, particularly the blackswan costume looked amazing!
She does lots of cool things with eye makeup as seen below and mixes up outfits of colour and muted tones. She has  agreat blog and I suggest you guys check it out to see some amazing outfits as well as accessories.

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