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Prabal Gurung

I only just recently discovered this designer a few days ago and I must admit, I do feel ashamed that I hadn't heard of him before. It makes me feel excited to know that there is always a new designer bringing something new to the world of fashion and fighting for attention. Creativity and design are endless it seems; and some of the pieces from his Spring 2012 collection are just gorgeous! 
I liked the presentation of the models on the runway; that deep magenta lipstick as well as different shades of berry and pink went well with lots of the colours incorporated in the season's collection. The hair presentation was neat and allowed their to be a greater focus on the clothing - sleek down and patted down with a part straight down the middle. 

This was the first time Prabal Gurung released sunglasses as part of a collection too and my mouth is watering. A clever new take on the 1960's cat's eyes frames with different lenses; tinted, reflected and half shade as well as a clear colour; lavender and black. I really want them; they just stand out so much and are beautiful! 
I think I like them more than the baroque sunglasses released as part of the Prada collection last season - and that is saying a lot. The abrupt end of the frame along the nose bridge is unique and in a way it sort of softens the face and frames it, perhaps it was a way to save costs on material but it's very different from a lot of sunglasses on the market and that's what you need against competitors in such a wide market.

There's just so much variation on design in this collection and different fabrics; above there's the cute sheer dress with digital print detail and the dark purple. I like the sleeves and the skirt of the dress; it's got a sort of fairy feel to it with a modern take and it's a little bit seductive as well with the detail over the crouch. The strong lines and vibrant colour make it stand out but the sheer material of the dress softens the looks and makes it feminine.

More strong lines, vibrant purple and now black are incorporated as well with the digital printed designs teamed up what looks like fur? I really wish I could get to a boutique that stocks Prabal Gurung- it's one thing to look at images of pieces from a collection but you can only determine and assume so much about the collection. The texture, detail and quality of stitching unfortunately are indeterminate from the photographs of the runaway.

"Gurung was born in Singapore and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal. He went to St. Xavier's school, a reputed Catholic Jesuit school in Kathmandu, where he finished his high school education. Prabal began his design career in New Delhi, India. While studying at New Delhi’s National Institute of Fashion Technology, he apprenticed at several local production and fashion houses and designed with Manish Arora. In Melbourne and London Gurung assisted stylists for fashion shows and international publications. In 1999 Gurung moved to New York City, where he interned for Donna Karan while attending Parsons School of Design. In his first year he was awarded the “Best Designer” title at the annual Parsons/FIT design competition. His own collection was launched in 2010."
The sheer mesh over the hips as well as the middle band around the waist accentuates the sensuality and curves of the female body- it looks so gorgeous. The darts around the legs are also flashy and show off those long legs. I bet this sort of dress would turn a lot of heads and make the men simply fall head over heels.
Those beautiful sunglasses are really shown off in the glare of a spotlight; it's almost like the bright life-giving sun.
More texture! What looks to be a cape with tassels of fabric reminds me a little of Opening Ceremony for Where the Wild things are. They had some ankle boots with those sorts of pastel colours and tassels as well. You would have to be pretty brave and brash to be able to wear this outfit on the street; probably a little too impractical for my liking.
Working the sunglasses and the devil may care attitude. The detail on the blouse and the matching jacket from this close up is absolutely superb. I love prints and patterns which are symmetrical and the ovals over the breasts hidden by the jacket are saucy but abstract as well. I like the sharp contrast of the aqua blue collar and the strip down the middle which breaks the pattern apart but somehow also intensifies the symmetry. The collars on the sleeve and the matching aqua pants are perfect, I love this outfit to death and I'd love to dress like this. It would make a perfect street style snap with a coffee in hand or a long coat trailing behind with the wind brushing hair across the face without covering it.
I must admit I'm not a fan of halter neck dressed or high boat collars but this dress is so perfect and the lipstick matches the dress perfectly. Such a great outfit and look fresh of the runway.
THIS! THIS METALLIC DRESS WITH PLEATS! I am obsessed with pleats at the moment; when Tavi Gevinson featured herself wearing the Prada lips skirt from the Summer/Spring 200 collection I fell in love. It seemed like such a classic, retro and chic and understated. I loved the styling for that season although I must admit at that time I would have only been seven years old! The soft curls on the models... very 1970's. Getting a little off topic here, this dress by Prabal Gurung

This skirt is almost as lovely, but not quite. The tinted fade and progression of the skirt from the deep purple at the hips till a soft hue of pink is beautiful but I'm not sure of what to think about the texture. It looks like it could be a faux leather of some sort in which case the structure would feel heavy and all sorts of horrible noises might spring forth from it. The pleated skirt looks a lot more graceful and feminine, glides off the body and feels light.
Close-up of the tulle flowers on the trail of the amazing dress. The colours are just so perfect; the dark blue, mind green and aqua are an amazing combination that I would have never thought could work so well until I saw this collection. I wanted to have the side profile of the model wearing the dress a lot bigger but the trail gets cut off due to formatting :(
It's so gorgeous though, I love the tulle flowers and the sheer trail. A fairy would wear this on her wedding day.
Better look at the paint-drip effect of the metallic print on the pleated skirt of my favourite dress. So amazing.
Those pants and the jacket, the combination of the two is just magnificent. I would love to wear this to a job interview, the entire outfit and see what the person would think of me. Maybe not the pants but the jacket is so gorgeous. The different hues from the lighting all show vivid and vibrant shades of blue. On the darkened lapel I can see a periwinkle and on the sleeves when it's creased on the elbow I can see a sea green. The imagination to have brought all of these pieces to life is simply incredible.
Matching jacket and pants broken up by the black sheer and sexy frilled blouse. I like it a lot.

Tulle effects at its biggest and best. I don't think I have ever seen a designer have such guts to take on this effect and make it looks attractive and not over the top. The interplay between the colours ( I love the colour from this collection if you can't already tell ) almost looks like a separate piece and a vest at the top of the bodice of the dress but with the continuation of the tulle effect at the bottom and hem of the skirt as well as the tulle ruffles the evidence that this is one piece is clear. The tulle sitting about the models knee is gorgeous. If I could draw I bet I could draw this photograph a million times over in water colour and never get sick of it.

The two tulle creations a variation on the other are different in their use of colour, this one having a more dreamy and sweet colour palette to it. I get instant images of bubblegum ice cream and blueberry vodka cruisers. The symmetry of the printed pattern along the waist of the skirt is lovely; I'm not a big fan of asymmetrical designs. The tulle across the bodice as well as the puffed skirt and the model's pout are perfect. Really love this photograph and the poise and grace of the model combined with the gorgeous dress by Prabal Gurung.

These little sweet detailed sleeves as well as the structure at the top of the dress are so fairy like. The dichotomy between the sheer tulle and the gliding material of the dress make it seem so pure and virginal but again that sexy killer dart over the leg. I can't exactly see whats on the side of the hips of the skirt but the look to be flowers. I'd love to see a full editorial of this dress in a romantic photo shoot. Flower garlands and this dress and a dreamy lo-fi camera vignette effect. I'm too much of a romantic these days; I blame the influence of John Keats and his poems.

Last but certainly not least; my favourite part of a dress but not my favourite dress from Prabal Gurung's Spring/Summer 2012 collection. The top part of the dress with the cut outs and the sleeves cutting between mesh and the digital print are much too heavy. I would have preferred to see the trail of this dress made the centre piece of attention. The paint drip dress with the metallic detail over the pleated skirt was simplistic but still sassy and modern. This is too much, I adore the trail and if I had my own little museum for fashion this would be the pride and joy but it's too much of a show piece and the harness belt as well as the sleeves cheapens it and draws away from it. It seems bad to end on such a sour note for this post but I adore most of the collection; just look at the number of runway shots included with commentary! It was a real joy to write about this collection and gleam it's artistic design but it seems a shame to detract from the beautiful design and execution of the trail of this dress with the busy bodice of the dress.

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