Saturday, October 22, 2011

D_Luxe Jewellery

I had forgotten about this little gem of a brand until a while ago, this is why I really enjoy blogging and having things archived neatly and in a tidy manner in which I can search certain posts under certain categories thanks to the tagging tool. Since I have been to Disneyland and for a while (this habit of mine is  on and off) to search for Disneyland souvenir Mickey Mouse ear caps on eBay and to see them delicately crafted in gold plate as either a necklace or a ring... well. Let's just say it sets my heart on fire in the best possible way imaginable. Something I will aspire to purchase on the Summer Holidays after my final exams when I have nothing but time on my hands and will beg for extra shifts when working my holidays summer casual job. Did I mention I'm at Typo? The cool hipster stationary chain-store that is a division of Typo and that I can get a 50% off discount on Cotton clothes so I get to buy cool clothes, stationary and underwear this summer at half the price and earn money to buy amazing jewellery? Yeah, you must be jelly now ;)

There's a choice between the Minnie Mouse ring with a bow but there is only the singular Mickey Mouse hat. I like the design because it reminds me of my fantastic holidays in January to a place I always aspired to travel to when I was a child and something I can cross off the bucket list, although I do want to take another trip there as I got a pathetic number of photographs with people in costumes at Disneyland.

I also like the styling and the way they show off multiple pieces on their models who are all so gorgeous and who I might give anything to become in terms of looks. I may try my hand at making a DIY Mickey Mouse cap with an elastic brim as shown in their photographs.
So not only do I want to buy their pieces, but D_Luxe also make me want to become more creative and sew more.

I'm reminded of the Twenty-Seven Names collection from a season or two ago with the pale sheer shirt and the lilac collar. I bet she must be wearing some vintage looking leather shoes with her legs crossed, she just has to.
I like the way there is a dip in the middle of the cap, like an elegant receding hair line but I am a little dubious as to whether that will interfere when you wear the ring and make it feel uncomfortable. If I were to get a Paypal account and finally get my act together to get some funds up and running then I would feel safer either seeing some form of product reviews about how this ring feels before buying. It is just so cute, sweet and innocent though. Really lovely. I would hand on to this ring forever but I wouldn't wear it that much if it had it since it seems more special than to be banged about while typing and doing the dishes.

Gold bow detail in the perfect size and proportion - simply perfection.

The rose gold wrap ring set with a rose quartz stone reminds me of a variation on the famous and much copied YSL arty ring in terms of the length of the wring as well as the oval stone sideways along the end of the ring. But the wrapping style and therefore being able to choose and switch which finger it sits on on your whim everyday is a handy feature rather than having the pressure of spending close to $300 on a ring which you can only wear for special occasions or in the hope of getting caught on a style spotter photograph. I am a secret fan of rose gold and the pairing with the pale pink stone is really complementary. I can picture myself happily working away at a counter with this gem sitting on my finger tapping away at a computer screen.

Finally, their cut-out-cross ring in a similar length to that of the rose gold ring discussed above. I had a large crush on a rose gold ring with four crosses cut out of it but the shape was a rounded off square of all things and looking back, it would have been very uncomfortable to wear. This design from D_Luxe lets me live precariously through that eBay ring, the one-that-got-away. Resizeable and in a brushed silver look, crosses which seem to have been integrated into popular culture as of late, this ring hits the mark on design as well as quality of the metal. The last photograph allows you to suss out how thick the ring is as well as get a proper view of the shape of the cross. It's soft and feminine and polished, it suggests a refine taste that is also in touch with trends and current fashion.

The New Zealand brand D_Luxe allows you to pick and choose from a variety of rings, necklaces, bracelets as well as other products, their online store is sensibly constructed and easy to navigate and all their pieces that have been made are available there. A brand that is sure not to disappoint they have intricate as well as fundamental and basic designs in precious metals.

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