Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Charlotte Olympia: Cat shoes

Alexa Chung - once again showing us the way with unique style and chic. There a great balance between being elegant and flawless and also quirky, part of her charm is balancing the two. People usually say you can't wear red and pink together and they don't go well but here is the proof right in front of us with the most stylish round rimmed lens sunglasses and red dress. The sleeves are really different on the dress, sort of medieval puffed but there's a strong sense of structure and the blocking and colour of it fits well. 

 I love the little Charlotte Olympia cat ballet flats, there are ways you could probably make your won flats by ripping apart some canvas shoes from Big W or Kmart which I may attempt myself over the holidays or just paint some white canvas shoes. The stitching doesn't look too difficult and what's great about these flats are that they are a fresh new take on something that has been done to death over and over again. Something different and indie, really glad I track Alexa Chung on Tumblr and managed to track down some comments about her clothes. Since this brand Charlotte Olympia doesn't come up too frequently on eBay I may just have to make my own DIY pair and the sell them for some several hundreds of dollars. The cat stitching also comes in wedges and heels but the ballet flats look far comfier and also a lot of the styling for the wedges when they come in red is using fish net stockings... not my cup of tea.

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