Friday, September 23, 2011

Toby Jones

You know how I love ordinary objects which are then transformed and romanticised; immortalised in precious metals. Toby Jones carries this popular culture well; but the mood in which the products are photographed is slightly darker and a little more sinister. There is no brightness except for the glint of metal and silver themselves; which adds focus and grabs the attention of the viewers of their website. I'm most impressed with their band aid ring and have lusted after it for a few years now but just have never had the right circumstances to consummate my love for the humble band aid ring. Never enough money and it's never on eBay in my size is my main gripe. I also really like the fish dispenser necklace pendant although I myself cannot stomach sushi; being half Malaysian and in a family full of lovers of the wrapped fish in seaweed I have always found that mystifying. The thumbtack earrings are also very cute; in that dark and moody mysterious fashion that Toby Jones carry so well. The gold match is something I'd love to have in my jewellery collection but cannot imagine it being incorporated regularly into my everyday wear; just a little reminded to myself that I am and should continue to be a Bright Spark.

I hope in the future that there will continue to be more pieces in the Toby Jones collections and that there are more everyday objects transformed into little wearable pieces of art and beauty. If I ever do own one of these pieces I will be sure to include it somewhere in this blog in the form of a very amateur product review.

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