Friday, September 23, 2011

Setareh Mohtarez

This is one of my more exciting discoveries and achievements that I have found this week, New York City based designer Setareh Mohtarez and the amazing pieces of clothing she constructs. Not only has she worked with the ever-popular and new-age space and galaxy print that has caught on in fashion culture within the last year, she was also incorporated garment structure, texture, movement and colour into all her pieces. I spied the large skirt galaxy dress on another blog and had to find out more; I was instantly captivated and mesmerised. The styling of the pure white background and the neat and tidy model has worked perfectly yo emphasise the style and imagination her dresses represent; also the choice of what look to be brightly coloured suede sandal wedges in bright contrasting colours are also eye-catching. This is the kind of thing a girl dreams of being able to do at the tender-age of five with her barbie dolls and eventually seeing through till their life-size counterparts. I am in love with these dresses, my favourite being the black and blue dresses. The garments are pieces of art in themselves but I am struggling to justify to myself where on earth I would wear such a dress. It's too over stated even for Hollywood's night of nights. They would be more at home on the lifeless dusty moons we see in the night sky to emphasise their colour and vibrant. Only if I had won the lottery and had managed to build a photography studio for myself would i then contemplate buying such wonderful pieces of clothing. Alas, I spend enough money as it is without saving for my future. I will have to adore these dresses and recreated them on Barbie dolls as I previously suggest and draw them for my enjoyment. The Brightness Dawn Collection shows great promise from the designer; I am literally aching for me. My appetite for whimsical dresses has to be fed and nourished. I hope Setareh Mohtarez will provide such a feast for the eyes.

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